About us

A World’s Largest Rail Road Model, Museum of Art gallery. Northlandz is an imagination that creates by Bruce William Zaccagnino. He says “Only good in life is to be happy, the time is to be happy is now and the way to be happy, is to make someone else happy”. He doesn’t make plans for future, he just does what he thinks. This is what we call enthusiasm or passion for something. If a person thinks to do something, he can do. He makes 200 dolls, a 94 room dollhouse and a 2000 pipe organ. Several tiny buildings, thousands of big buildings, 400 bridges and much more. In 1972, he built a small ranch house, with a basement for his hobby. He started this work as a hobby of the model railroad. He added 4 basements to his house to work with a time of 18 years. The 3rd and 4th basement is 3 times bigger than his original house.

Mr. Williams was bestowed with the highest honor that is given by the Hindu faith, the “Maan Patra”. This honorarium was presented to Mr. Williams in recognition of his years of dedication to the creation of Northlandz. It was awarded to Mr. Williams by Swami Jagadishswarandandji at the Geeta Temple of Queens, NY in June, 1996 with thousands of worshipers of the Hindu faith in attendance. “This is what we do” says Mr. Williams, who along with his wife’s steadfast support worked 365 days a year in pursuit of this accomplishment. “If you can create your own enthusiasm, you can do anything”, he said, “if you maintain that enthusiasm you can do it well”. If Ralph Waldo Emerson is correct in that “Nothing great can be achieved without enthusiasm”, then something spectacular has happened in Flemington.