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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Northlandz (NJ)

5 Reasons to Visit Northlandz (NJ)

If you are visiting Flemington, New Jersey then a Northlandz trip can be a great recreational activity. It will be a memorable trip that exceed your expectations. You can experience the fantastic insight into the largest model trains exhibition in the world that is carefully crafted with an exceptional focus on details.

Here are a few reasons to visit Northlandz.

  • Northlandz is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

It needs to be something wonderful to be in the Guinness book of the world record and Northlandz has this remarkable achievement of being named in it.  Northlandz is the world`s largest Model railroad the fact that no one else is able to beat so far.

  • Unimaginable Facts.

You will be amazed by the unimaginable facts of this Miniature wonderland. Northlandz has the layout size of 52000 sq foot with up to 100 model trains having 8 miles track for the railroad. This includes 1000 + buildings, 400 + bridges, and 250,000 trees that cover the whole landscape.

  • Miniatures Crafted with Exceptional Details and Precision.

All the miniature models are created with exceptional details and accuracy that mimics the real trains to the fullest. No surprise, such quality needs patience and hard work, which took around 2 decades to complete. Mr. Bruce and his wife made an extra effort to include beautiful sceneries along the train track that offers a great way to experience different areas of the United States. Every model reflects the couple`s creativity and commitment to this form of the art.

  • Great Attraction for all ages.

Northlandz has something to offer for all ages, Young, Old and Kids alike.  Everyone will not just enjoy model trains but the breathtaking sceneries that cover the most areas of United States are a great attraction.

  • It`s much more than ordinary Miniature Model Trains.

It’s not just a Miniature Model Trains Museum but a complete world class attraction spread over 16 acres. It has a 94 room dolls house, a 2000 pipe theater pipe organ and art galleries throughout. It will take at least 2 to 3 hours to walk through the entire place.

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