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Northlandz Ribbon Cutting Day Celebration


Flemington – Northlandz, located at 495 Hwy 202 in Flemington, NJ, has to be seen to be appreciated! It is in the Guiness Book of Records, and has been in existence for over 25 years, created by Bruce Williams. Mr. Williams, started building this miniature train model collection in his home, and kept on adding to the display. It grew to take up basement and 4 rooms of his home, and finally, he decided to build a huge building and create the magnificent train displays with scenes from every part of our country. Northlandz sits on 16 acres of land, and is a great experience for the whole family.


Now, under new ownership, and with all the extensive renovations done, the owner Tariq Sohail, his family, and his staff are celebrating the Re-Opening of this world wonder.
Everyone is invited! The entry ticket($20) will be complimentary as well as the outside train ride from 3pm – 8pm, and food will be provided. We are excited to have a famous entertainer from Broadway, Bart Shatto, who will be singing various songs from Broadway musicals. Bart has been in leading roles in “LesMiserables” , “Jeckyl & Hyde”, and many Broadway plays, and TV shows. A true talent!


The official Ribbon Cutting ceremony will be done by Chris Phelan, President of the Hunterdon Chamber of Commerce, as well as our local mayors and town officials, and will take place at 5pm. All festivities will start at 5:30 and go through 8pm.Feel free to bring your friends and family to see and enjoy this world marvel, and party with us.

Our new inclusion zone will be available for relaxation as well, and our beautiful theatre space will have tables for dining. Looking forward to seeing you all! If you have any questions, feel free to call Julie Parker, at 908-310-8098 or Northlandz at 908-782-4022. Our website is

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Top 5 Things To Do at Northlandz

Northlandz is full of fun attractions that can be a great way to spend your day. Children, young, grownups, and elderly, everyone would love to visit and have a memorable experience. All the models and structures are just amazing with so much You could easily make several visits and still see something new.

1. Amusement Park:

One of the biggest fun attraction is a self-guided tour through Northlandz that is an alternative reality in miniature. This amusement park is set up on three stories, 50,000 sq. ft entertainment complex. The incredible layout of trains travel 8 miles or 13 kilometers long and completes its journey with several miniature buildings including villages and cities. Before reaching the destination the train passes through uncannily lifelike scenery. You will see thousands of handcrafted cleverly conceived structures housed in cities, villages and country settings. As the world largest railroad model or more accurately simulated society, it is one the top attraction in New Jersey with thousands of visitors every day.


2. World`s Largest Model railroad:

Northlandz is in the Guinness Book of the world record for being the world largest model railroad.  The visitors are impressed with the length, details, and perfection of miniature models. It has over 125 sets of miniature trains that run through sweeping landscapes including mountain ranges, and over 400 bridges. Different trains running through different areas completely depict the way United States rail network works. It is quite simply the most amazing thing you will ever see.


3. Dolls Museum:

Another fun-filled attraction is an amazing 94 room dolls mansion. That has hundreds of handcrafted dolls will force you to praise the work of craftsmen. The dolls with different traditional and modern costumes represent different areas of the United States and the world. It is a great way to educate children about how costume changes in different cultures and areas.


4. Art Gallery:

Paintings can be a great attraction for Adults as well as a perfect way to inspire the kinds by letting them experience the art. Therefore to complement your love for art, there are over 200 paintings featuring contemporary & traditional art from around the world. All of this painting is the work of renowned painters that you would not want to miss.

5. Entertainment:

At Northlandz, we want our guests to be both entertained and amazed. Music can be a great entertain our visitors. The Owner/ Creator/ Artist Bruce Williams Zaccagnino love the music and want his guest visitor to entertain with it. Other than a miniature wonderland, you will also enjoy the magnificent pipe organ in our concert hall signs through a choice of two thousand pipes and has forty ranks This marvelous crystal chandelier that is being played during your visit was handcrafted by Williams from almost 5 thousand pieces and took over 2 months to complete.  It is played the person behind this miniature wonderland who visualized and created this amazing place.

6. Out Door Train Ride:

Your Fun does not end here; you can also ride on the full-size train that is all weather enclosed and pass through the tunnel, along the river, and over the bridge. The outdoor train is a great way of having fun while experiencing the real train ride. Both Kids and Adults would love this experience of the lifetime.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Northlandz (NJ)

5 Reasons to Visit Northlandz (NJ)

If you are visiting Flemington, New Jersey then a Northlandz trip can be a great recreational activity. It will be a memorable trip that exceed your expectations. You can experience the fantastic insight into the largest model trains exhibition in the world that is carefully crafted with an exceptional focus on details.

Here are a few reasons to visit Northlandz.

  • Northlandz is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

It needs to be something wonderful to be in the Guinness book of the world record and Northlandz has this remarkable achievement of being named in it.  Northlandz is the world`s largest Model railroad the fact that no one else is able to beat so far.

  • Unimaginable Facts.

You will be amazed by the unimaginable facts of this Miniature wonderland. Northlandz has the layout size of 52000 sq foot with up to 100 model trains having 8 miles track for the railroad. This includes 1000 + buildings, 400 + bridges, and 250,000 trees that cover the whole landscape.

  • Miniatures Crafted with Exceptional Details and Precision.

All the miniature models are created with exceptional details and accuracy that mimics the real trains to the fullest. No surprise, such quality needs patience and hard work, which took around 2 decades to complete. Mr. Bruce and his wife made an extra effort to include beautiful sceneries along the train track that offers a great way to experience different areas of the United States. Every model reflects the couple`s creativity and commitment to this form of the art.

  • Great Attraction for all ages.

Northlandz has something to offer for all ages, Young, Old and Kids alike.  Everyone will not just enjoy model trains but the breathtaking sceneries that cover the most areas of United States are a great attraction.

  • It`s much more than ordinary Miniature Model Trains.

It’s not just a Miniature Model Trains Museum but a complete world class attraction spread over 16 acres. It has a 94 room dolls house, a 2000 pipe theater pipe organ and art galleries throughout. It will take at least 2 to 3 hours to walk through the entire place.

You may be interested in our other blog post: History of Northlandz

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Introduction to Northlandz Miniature Wonderland

It is not always possible to describe in words what we can see with our eyes, however our website visitors who have no or very less idea about Northlandz, we will try to give them a brief introduction here. To make it as interesting as possible, we will take you to the complete journey describing everything to make you feel how it feels like to be at Northlandz. During this Journey, we will explore great canyons and stroll through amazing scenes of USA.


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History of Northlandz

Almost everyone among us has dreams to be something or to do something, but not everyone has the courage nor ability to materialize the dream by turning it into reality. The same thing happened with Mr. Bruce who had a dream that took around a decade to realize. Commitment, devotion and desire to achieve something made him kept working hard over the long period of time. It all began around 35 years ago when Mr. Bruce William first home was being built in 1972. (more…)

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