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Northlandz Is Hard To Explain In Words, So We Have Outlined The Most Notable Facts In Digits!


Model Railroad Enthusiasts Rejoice! Northlandz is the world's largest model railroad, measuring over eight miles long. That’s Right 8 miles of intricate detail and perfectly scaled locomotives winding through mountains, forests, tunnels & much more!

There's something special about miniature model trains. Sometimes it's the gleaming mini-tracks winding through countryside scenery, or the miniature towns and villages with their careful attention to detail. At every point in this Miniature Train Museum, the magic has been captured and bottled up for your full gratification.
Northlandz has been around for over 35 years and is still an ultimate New Jersey Attraction. The model railroad is featured in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ for being the largest miniature railroad track in the world. This record-breaking Miniature Railroad Museum continues to draw in tourists from all over the world and truly is a sight to behold.

  • 8 Miles Long Model Railroad
  • 100+ Model Trains
  • 400+ Train Tunnels
  • 400+ Miniature Bridges
  • A Train House


It's a Miniature World of Wonder! You'll find a wide variety of intricate and detailed miniature buildings, from replicas of real-world landmarks to fantastical structures straight out of your dreams.straight out of your dreams.Readmore

With more than 1 acre of land cover, it's the perfect place to explore and find something new at every turn. What looks like a miniature world from afar is actually an intricate network of surprises, designed to delight & inspire! Imagined & built single-handedly by Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, this wonderland is a 35+ years old ultimate one-of-a-kind art piece.

It’s Like The Whole World Is In Your Hands!

A visit to Northlandz is like taking a trip around the world without ever having to leave New Jersey! A perfect place to explore and get a taste of far-off lands! Nestled in the foothills of the Watchung Mountains NJ, Northlandz is home to the World’s Largest Miniature Wonderland Museum. Spanning over 52,000 sq. ft., this jaw-dropping display features hundreds of structures, bridges, and tunnels, as well as countless intricate details that will leave you marveling at the artistry on display.

  • 35 Ft Elevated Mountains
  • 250,000+ Trees
  • 100+ Miniature Trains
  • 400+ Miniature Bridges
  • 400+ Train Tunnels
  • Hundreds of Buildings, Houses & Structures

So, why hold back? Stopover Northlandz Miniature Wonderland NJ & find yourself transported to a land where the only limit is your imagination!


Northlandz is the perfect place to recall your artistic side. It offers visitors a truly unique experience of an art gallery with pieces of craftwork that awes all. Due to its dynamic & transitional experiences, Northlandz is perfect for those who appreciate art in all its forms. With something new to see around every corner, this magical place is sure to inspire & delight!

Here, The Art Meets Adventure!

Intricate paintings line the walls and art pieces sit atop pedestals throughout the art gallery. Northlandz is home to more than 250 exclusive paintings and artworks, making it a hidden gem for art lovers. The gallery offers a wide variety of styles and genres, making it a great place to explore new artists or find a new favorite. Whether you're a fan of classical oil paintings or modern abstract canvases, Northlandz is sure to have a piece that catches your eye!


All Set For Outdoor Adventure? Climb aboard the Northlandz 1890s Steam Engine Replica Outdoor Train for a fun-filled experience the whole family will love! The train winds its way through the picturesque grounds of the neighborhood, giving riders the panorama to enjoy the scenery as they chug along!

The Northlandz Outdoor Rail isn't your ordinary run-of-the-mill train ride. This gorgeous has authentic vintage vibes! It waits for passengers to board and even has a whistle that sounds when it's time to depart. As soon as the engine starts, it starts flinging beautiful steam, a fascinating nostalgic show in itself for antique admirers. The outdoor train crosses by the neighboring valleys and the real forested backdrop of the Southern Raritan River, passing over a tunnel and multiple bridges & junctions!

  • A 30 Minutes Long Train Ride
  • A 150 Ft. Long Train Tunnel

This New Jersey Train always keeps you in for festive adventures. No matter what time of year it is, the outdoor train will be decked out with seasonal decorations. And, there's no need to worry about the weather – the train runs rain or shine!


Celebrate in Style! Make Memories at Northlandz! We know how to throw a party! Our event halls are the perfect place for your next birthday, engagement, or graduation treat. From delicious catering options to fun activities & unique experiences for your guests, we've got everything you need to make your special day more special.

Northlandz is the perfect place to host your next event! We have a variety of spaces and services to make your event one memorable day. From small gatherings to large conventions, we can accommodate groups of all sizes. With our experienced event planners and an extensive list of amenities offered, your party is sure to hit the spot!

You & Your Guests will experience the following;

  • Unlimited Indoor Tours of the Miniature Wonderland (on the day of the event).
  • A large indoor Play Land Area including dozens of toys arcade machines, ping pong tables for kids, musical instruments, massage chairs for adults & many more!
  • Party hall with Amazing Views of Northlandz exhibits, the great American musical hall, and the outdoor train.
  • Access to American Music Hall theatre to relax & hang out.
  • Customized Decorated Party Halls.
  • A Delightful Photo Wall
  • Food & Beverage Catering

  • Birthdays
  • Engagements / Weddings
  • Corporate Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Bridal Shower / Bachelorette party
  • Other Events / Gatherings!


Purchase Your Ticket To Happiness! Northlandz offers several varieties of tickets so you can choose what fits your fancy. One-day tickets are great for a quick visit, annual passes are perfect for the committed enthusiast, and memberships make sure you always have your go-to place. Group tickets are also available so you can share the experience with your loved ones!


Take a piece of Northlandz home with you! With a wide selection of train toys, mugs, shirts, and other souvenirs at our gift shop, we have something for everyone. So before you leave, be sure to pick up a little something to help recall all the fun you had at Northlandz!


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