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It all began around 35 years ago when Mr. Bruce William first home was being built in 1972. During the construction work, there were many things that were left there by builders overnight. Mr. Bruce started erecting scenes in his basement with mud, sand and other types of materials. Workers returning the next morning would remove these miniature structures to continue their work, however, they became a great admirer of his talent. With appreciation, they encouraged Mr. Bruce to continue his work and make a separate space for it. This resulted in a fourth addition to the basement of his Flemington area home, impressed by the work, his friends persuaded him to host an annual train show for a local charity. This was a great success that soon leads to open exhibits for the general public at the weekends. This later resulted in the world`s largest railroad miniature wonderland.

The coverage of national as well as international T.V channels including German, Swedish, and Japan, contributed to its growing popularity. Thus was born the idea for a year-round attraction. Today Northlandz is a 16-acre world-class attraction along with the art, music and doll displays. Doll museum, La Peep Doll House, a 2,000 pipe theatre pipe organ (which Bruce plays) and art galleries throughout. There is also an 1890’s replica narrow gauge steam train for the ride.

The building is reflective of the couple’s lifelong commitment to art, expression, and creativity. Over the years, Northlandz has become one of the favourite destinations for people of all ages. Not only it has offered something unique for local tourists but people from around the world also like to visit the place when they come to New Jersey.