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Top 5 Things To Do at Northlandz

Northlandz is full of fun attractions that can be a great way to spend your day. Children, young, grownups, and elderly, everyone would love to visit and have a memorable experience. All the models and structures are just amazing with so much You could easily make several visits and still see something new. 1. Amusement […]

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Northlandz (NJ)

5 Reasons to Visit Northlandz (NJ) If you are visiting Flemington, New Jersey then a Northlandz trip can be a great recreational activity. It will be a memorable trip that exceed your expectations. You can experience the fantastic insight into the largest model trains exhibition in the world that is carefully crafted with an exceptional […]

The World’s Largest Model Railroad Track

There are many wonders in the world but none more amazing than the man. With unimaginable capabilities of making amazing things, human`s creativity is unmatchable. The similar creativity was shown by Mr. William Zaccagnino and his Wife Jain when they started working on miniature wonderland. The world`s largest Guinness book of the world record holder […]

Introduction to Northlandz Miniature Wonderland

It is not always possible to describe in words what we can see with our eyes, however our website visitors who have no or very less idea about Northlandz, we will try to give them a brief introduction here. To make it as interesting as possible, we will take you to the complete journey describing […]

History of Northlandz

Almost everyone among us has dreams to be something or to do something, but not everyone has the courage nor ability to materialize the dream by turning it into reality. The same thing happened with Mr. Bruce who had a dream that took around a decade to realize. Commitment, devotion and desire to achieve something […]