Christmas Holiday Celebrations At Model Railroad

Christmas Holiday Celebrations At Model Railroad

Northlandz organized Christmas Celebrations with a great spirit, divine scenic views, Christmas Holiday Train and true holiday vibes.

Northlandz successfully organized a Christmas event on the premises with plenty of holiday cheer! .Julie Parker and the staff at Northlandz worked together to announce Santa Claus was on the Christmas Holiday Train! AND.. Santa visited Northlandz every Saturday and Sunday from 12:30-3:30pm up to Christmas Eve.

Christmas is all about celebrating with friends and family, and celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas celebrations helps the world realize that there is love and hope for all of us. We at Northlandz love creating a festive holiday environment making Christmas a very special time of the year for all our visitors.

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Santa At Northlandz.

Northlandz was very happy to have Santa visiting us every weekend. Santa greeted the children, and the families, and he posed for pictures with them. Santa also went on the outdoor train ride with the children, and added that extra Christmas Cheer! Ho,Ho,Ho!

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Birthday Celebrations at Northlandz.

It was wonderful having a 10th Birthday Party at Northlandz during the Christmas Season! We have a spacious, comfortable birthday party room with over 10 round tables. Santa appeared at the little celebration as well to meet and greet.

Christmas Holiday Train Ride at Northlandz

After having an inside tour, a steam engine train was waiting for the visitors to go onboard and let them fulfill their fantasy about a real Christmas holiday train ride. The train crossed by the adjacent valleys and wooded landscapes of the Southern Raritan River, passing over the bridges and interchanges. A long tunnel welcomed the Christmas Holiday Train to multiply the excitement of the passengers.

Indoor Christmas Wonderland.

A trip to Northlandz is not complete without a thorough visit to the indoor miniature wonderland. Northlandz possesses the Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest miniature wonderland. The indoor of the Northlandz was beautifully decorated with all the little details that remind one of the greatest holiday seasons of the year. The fancy twinkling fairy lights looked more fascinating than a twilight sky. The Christmas trees were all adorned with gleaming decorations, ribbons and lights to get everyone in the real festive spirit. The miniature wonderland with the largest model railroad network and hundreds of trains on them running through the little houses, tunnels, mountains, bridges and interchanges was a center of attraction for the visitors who have come for the first time. The famous Hunterdon Harmonizers performed on one of the Saturdays and sang beautiful Christmas carols. The Hunterdon Central Fiddlers also played beautiful Christmas songs for everyone to enjoy, and the beautiful Christmas All Year Round Display in the center of the beautiful Theatre, added to the Holiday Spirit.

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Christmas Gift Shop.

Christmas is incomplete without gifts! Northlandz made sure that no was deprived of anything at Christmas. The freshly baked cookies with a soothing cup of hot chocolate were there to balance the chill, especially on the outdoor train ride. The Holiday Gift Shop at Northlandz gifts for everyone, and for the birthday child. A good range of stuffed toys and mini trains were available that rightly reflected the true essence of Northlandz.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1.What is Christmas Nativity?

Ans.A Christmas nativity is a religious and cultural depiction of the Jesus Birth, typically treated as a historic live drama scene. Demonstrating a Christmas nativity is an ancient practice that creates a story in which every character plays their part. This practice is central to the beliefs of Christianity.

Q2.What one can do on Christmas eve?

Ans.Just like the day of Christmas, Christmas eve is as important as it signifies the commemoration of the big day. On this eve, families come together to celebrate and perform major religious and cultural traditions, have dinner together. It is exciting for the little ones because they can’t wait for Santa to bring presents the next morning. Such traditions not only revive their beliefs but also brings the families and communities together.