New Jersey Car and  Music Show at Miniature Wonderland in Flemington

New Jersey Car and Music Show at Miniature Wonderland in Flemington


Northlandz Wonderland the largest miniature museum in the world organized an automobile exhibition event in New Jersey with the melody of the concert on 11th of July 2021 on Sunday, in Flemington, NJ. Timing for the events was planned to be from noon to 5pm and with help of the perfect management crew, the vintage vehicle show was started at sharp noon. The event was arranged in both outdoor and indoor spaces of miniature wonderland under the warm, cozy but breezy sunny day.

The Flemington car show organized in the heart of New Jersey was highly well managed. Seventy-five types of unique hence most classical cars were placed in such a way that every each part of cars apprising its detailed features to the visitors. The exclusive metallic pigmented car's body was giving an illuminated and enchanting glow with the reflection of sun rays. More than 400 visitors from New Jersey, Flemington honored us to rejoice them by the motor vehicle show in New Jersey and all of them came up with an exciting heart and after spending time in our event they not only enjoyed the most outclass vehicle's models but they were also entertained by the music concert performed by the well-known Summer Swing Orchestra. All of our honorable visitors were well gratified by the quality, taste, and aroma of the food and satisfied their sweet craving with sugar-coated, yummy ice cream. All the food was arranged inside the food truck. Those food trucks and ice-cream trucks were equally fascinating and eye-capturing for both adults and kids visitors.

Audience at New Jersey Car Show
Audience Enjoying Car Show at Miniature Wonderland.


New Jersey Car Show
Panoramic View of Car Show

At sharp noon, the miniature wonderland museum eye-witnessed the huge visitor entering inside it for Flemington's car show. Despite their age, region, gender, and ethnic group all of them were reached under one platform to brighten their day. All of the vintage collections of cars were arranged in uniform symmetry with proper spacing. Every car had unique and particular mesmerizing features and hues. The metallurgic painted exterior body of motor vehicles was enhanced with the shiny sun rays that were covering them entirely while spreading up a radiant glossy shine on the visitor's vision. Families, couples, friends of all gender and ages were standing in front of individual vehicles and discussing the interesting features. The reliable, hardworking, and noble participants of the exhibition, as well as owners of the cars, were settled along to their respective modified, unique vehicles, all of them were wearing alluring shirts and dresses that was matched with their modified cars, some of the cars owners and team members were wearing shirts with painted group's name to develop an interest of visitor towards their motor vehicles. Some of the senior citizen fellows who were present in miniature wonderland's automobile exhibition were amazed by those vintage collections and remembering as well as recalling their memories of their youthful, energetic years. A group of young boys that were either friends or university fellows was debating over the modification of cars. Car's owners were as excited as the visitors, they all enjoying the amazed reactions of every visitor who look at their pre-loved veteran cars at a miniature wonderland place. Owners were kept accelerating their cars in front of the visitors to attract them. All the visitors were taking selfies and pictures one by one and even in groups.


In the stream of humans experiencing the ecstatic event, the miniature wonderland arranged food and, frozen dessert refreshment also for their visitors who were there to enjoy the Flemington car show. A huge number of people ordering their food from the food trucks. Some of them were already eating burgers with assorted dips and sauces, enhancing flavor. Some groups were having delicious fresh from the oven cheesy, mouth-watering pizza. The crisp and freshness of French fries and potato wedges were unmatchable. Frozen, yummy, creamy ice cream on a sunny day was all, the kids wanted. So we arranged an ice-cream truck for its junior visitors. Visitors were satisfying their appetite as well as memorizing that eye-capturing event at the same time.

Bloggers were present to extract unique content for their work as well as to rejoice their weekend with quality food simultaneously. Some of the youngsters who were interested in car modification were gaining information from the owners along with the Ice cream. All over the miniature wonderland, there were overwhelming amazing reactions and murmuring of diverse human voices.

Food and Ice Cream at Miniature Wonderland
Food and Ice cream at Car Show


Model Railroad Trip
Model Railroad Trip for Visitors at Car Show

America's largest miniature wonderland organized an outdoor Raritan river train that is America's largest rail model trip for their visitors which is built upon 2/3 scale of the original scale size. The visitors took a short hence captivating railroad trip on a replica steamed engine train, seeping through the natural wooden landscape, enclosed by stunning wildlife view. The trees, the river view the landscape while sitting in crimson-viridian pigmented train bogies. The rail arrived at miniature wonderland's rail junction same as any real train waiting for its passengers. After it, the adventurous rail trip started. The steam engine started upon its full potential and forced the rail wheels as well as the bogies to head towards miles of the adventurous journey under the tunnels and over the ravishing bridges. For few minutes visitor's minds stopped on whether to recall the vintage modified cars, whether to mumble the lyrics of Summer Swing Orchestra or, to capture the greenwood natural mini-forest view. All the passengers especially the junior visitors are overwhelmed with the joy and happiness they experienced in the miniature wonderland. Miniature wonderland provided a platform to gain experience for its junior fans and visitors to learn about the antique steam train working mechanism in a playful manner.


At sharp noon, the car show event proceeds to its everlasting relaxing music concert in miniature wonderland, Summer Swing Orchestra with its seventeen orchestral instruments initiates sweet, melodic lyrics harmony and spread its beautiful, appealing eco all around the miniature wonderland to enhance the New jersey's residence that was there to relish their weekend at Flemington car show. The audience was present for listening and loving the smooth, sweet lunatic tone and appreciating Summer Swing Orchestra so much. The glorious singing well-balanced atmosphere and eye-catching view-enhancing the audio of the music. The music event lasts for two hours. Summer Swing Orchestra flawlessly managed their live concert from starting till the end at miniature wonderland's theatre. Their matchless skills and perfect unity of operating instruments in optimum harmony as a team would be remembered by every person present at the concert forever.

Summer Swing Orchestra entertaining People
Summer Swing Orchestra entertaining People at New Jersey Car Show


The Flemington's car show event didn't end there, miniature wonderland took full responsibility to build up the enchanting experience of our visitors. So, we arranged an indoor visit as well, in which the entire stock of miniature worlds was displayed marvelously. The 94-rooms dollhouse welcomed its mini-girlish visitors to admire its wonderful and ideal size and setup. The 8-miles America's largest miniature railroad model was giving the breath-taking view of the miniature model of the Raritan River. These hand-crafted wooden sticks railroads contain 100s of trains and a huge-twisted railroad that took its journey at the midway of mini, giant mountains and over the clean water stream that is human-made but gave natural effect.

Model Railroad Trip
World's Largest Miniature Wonderland in New Jersey


The Flemington's car show was so entertaining for the entire New Jersey residence that it seems like the time passed in the blink of an eye. Visitors were still capturing pictures of their families and friends in front of the model cars. Some of the kids asked our management team members about the next date of another Flemington car show at our miniature wonderland, they all looked like eagerly wanting a new car show in New Jersey at our wonderland. That reaction was admirable that the greatest miniature wonderland once again wins the heart of its fans and visitors and succeeded in gaining more love, appreciation, and fans. At sharp 5'O clock, the Flemington car show ended.

New Jersey Show
People are enjoying New Jersey Show with lot of classic cars


The entire miniature wonderland's management took great care and checked every participant and visitor of the New Jersey automobile show to followed proper SOPs for COVID-19 protection. All of the people were wearing masks and using sanitizers properly. The crew members had disinfected the miniatures, cars, and seats in the entire miniature wonderland. In the toughest pandemic time, Northlandz loved to arrange an event and we are glad to experience joy, laugh, and the best emotions on our visitor's faces. We express our gratitude towards the Government of New Jersey for helping us and grants permits to arrange this vast, eminent vehicular exhibition at our miniature wonderland.