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Things To Do Near Manhattan

Manhattan is the densely populated smallest borough of New York City. Its huge part is present on Island. It is well-known for its top-notch visiting attractions. All of the places are completely exclusive and unique by their attractive features and surroundings. A massive range of visitor attractions includes world-class museums, breathtaking skyscrapers, Islands, lakes, alluring parks, and ancient architectural buildings and monuments. We are going to introduce visitors to some great places that should be must to include in visiting list while planning a journey towards Manhattan.

A Tour Towards Statue of Liberty and adjoining/ alongside Islands

Named as "Liberty Enlightening the World" is well- maintained 152 feet tall monument sculpture gifted by France and one of the attractive place to visit from 1886. Present at the center of Ellis Island. Most astonishing adventure to reach towards a statue by riding ferries that go from Battery Park to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. It is mandatory to pre-book tickets for the ferry due to the long waiting time. In the early morning, Battery Park is ideal to start your adventurous journey. Battery park is fully equipped with walking ways, a sea glass carousel, and a playing area for children, artists are also selling their unique art pieces, Ferries are also found there that go towards Liberty Island.

Statue of Liberty
Central Park

Central Park and its Diverse Amusements

Central Park is the main attraction point in Manhattan. It is far from the word park due to its diversity in other exciting activities. You can find long pathways to walk, rented bicycles, horse carriage rides that can make you feel like a royal majesty traveling from the middle of heavenly natural view towards Belvedere Castle present in Central Park. The castle serves to look at an eye-catching scene of "Turtle pound, Rumble as well as The Great Lawn". Central Park is a perfect picnic point. Visitors can plan a picnic in summers, spring, and winters. As in summer boating on the alluring lake. Cherry blossom bewitching view with floral scent in spring, and skating across Wollman ring in winters makes Central park perfect to visit in all seasons.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick Cathedral is devoted to a religious place for catholic and as an alluring architectural beauty for visitors and tourists. A glorious church building is an example of Ogival or Gothic architecture. The Church consists of colossal bronze gates on the entrance, massive glossy wooden benches for sittings, tinted glass windows with different color spectrums. The stunning interior of the Cathedral mold the adventure of visitors in a new dimension. St. Patrick's Cathedral is shown in multiple films and music albums due to its spectacular architecture. You can feel the splendid glory under utmost silence while visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

St. Patrick Cathedral
St. Patrick Cathedral

Explore “The Met”

The Met is the largest metropolitan museum solely for art in the US. Seven acres of wide space of the museum is devoted to two million antique masterpieces of art by the well-known legendary artist. Magnificent Egyptian sculptures as well as magnified ancient European art. Beyond its veteran collection, The Met also exhibits artifacts with a modern twist. Metropolitan museum of art is must visit the place due to its remarkable collection. There are frequent temporary exhibitions held in the museum throughout the year. Mater piece of the great artist "Van Gogh", a nice collection of antique woody furniture preserved from the Ming Dynasty of Yuan, old musical instruments are also a significant part of the museum.

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Graden is a giant stadium frequently used for multiple events. It is an exciting place to visit and watch basketball matches, ice shows, boxing battles, wrestling fights, and hockey matches. Besides sports events, Madison square garden is also famous for music concerts, infect it stands in 4th position in ticketing selling for music concerts. Madison square garden is an excellent place for sports lovers and music concerts. Visitors can join the event to support their favorite team or even a team player. The huge spherical sitting arrangement provides enough space for a massive crowd. The strong noise and overwhelming energy by the audience are enough to make your day splendid with fun and joy.

Square Garden
Square Garden

American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History dedicated to an educational visit since 1869. American museum of natural history is one of the ideal places to learn about science from history. The museum is known for its unique fossils collection of every size, entirely for educational purposes. The museum has definite halls like Dinosaur hall contains all of the fossils and skeleton collections of different species of dinosaurs. Plants and Earth hall, Reptiles, and Birds hall have a brilliant section of ancient reptiles and birds fossils found by researchers. Environment and human origin cultural hall that provides utmost knowledge of old civilizations and cultures that were might be top rulers of their time, human remain from different centuries to focus on human evaluation.

American Museum

One World Trade Center Observatory and Memorial Museum

The breathtaking skyscraper "One World Trade Center" contains one hundred and two stories with a height of seventeen thousand feet above the city. The One World Observatory is ideal to look at the entire city and its landmarks from eagle-eye view. The alluring beauty of nature combining with the modernization of architects provided an everlasting memory for the visitors. The exclusive feature of one world trade center is its pyramidal appearance when staring at a specific angle. Despite its unique exterior, the trade center has swift elevators with HD screens from all four sides and reached on the top in just the blink of an eye. HD screens show an evaluation of New York as well as a trade center from past years. One World trade center remains the center of attention due to dual attacks held in 1993 and 2001. There is a memorial as well as a museum devoted to tribute to martyrs and loss by attacks. Hundreds of people visit One world skyscraper observatory and Memorial for the honor of lost souls.

Trade Center
Trade Center

Grand Central Terminal

Grand central terminal is one of the spectacular places and an excellent choice for visitors to explore the stunning architect in Manhattan. Besides its transporting station, Grand central terminal is famous for sixty-plus shops, almost forty assorted dining options, on occasion events, and best meetup point friends. The scene of the main concourse and booth clock is the most dazzling part of the terminal. Visitors explore more enchanting beauty from the Grand staircase. The Grand Central Terminal consists of a glamorous interior. The solid infrastructure from 1913 is a piece of evidence that the Grand central terminal will remain a visitor's choice for many generations.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is a remarkable historic place present from 1883 that joins Manhattan to Brooklyn. It is an utmost tourist attraction and the perfect point to take pictures. The bridge spread along the sea with the support of a hybrid cable suspension bridge is one of the architectural masterpieces of New York. Its massive length required a walk for half-hour to one hour to explore its surrounding beauty. The night view of Brooklyn Bridge standing beside the significant skyscraper of Manhattan is entirely bewitching to explore the subtle beauty of the whole city.

Central Terminal
Brooklyn Bridge