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Veteran’s Day Celebrations 2021 with Outdoor Train Ride

Veteran’s Day Celebrations 2021

Veteran’s Day Celebrations 2021 with Outdoor Train Ride

Northlandz presented a great tribute to the Veterans with flyover praise and a remarkable display of WWI and WWII army collections on November, 13th, 2021. The visitors observed a remarkable display of WWI and WWII museum collection by Matt Susko and Dominick Ragno, a Vietnam War Veteran, brought his collection with psictures, flags, medals, news articles and war gear. Northlandz is known as the world’s largest miniature wonderland located in Flemington, NJ.

Veterans Day was celebrated with patriotic singing by the Hunterdon Harmonizers and all the participants, and made the event extra special.

Veterans Day is a very special event remembering those who have sacrificed their lives and are serving our country from the Military, Air Force, Marine Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, or Navy.

(Matt Susko _ displaying the World War I and II collectibles)
(Matt Susko _ displaying the World War I and II collectibles)

Veterans Day 2021 Celebrations at Northlandz

This Veterans Day at Northlandz was exceptional!. The event ran from 11 AM to 4 PM on November 13th. The museum collections of World War I & II by Matt Susko and Dominick Ragno were displayed in the large theatre area, where many people asked Matt and Dominick questions, and they participated in the singing of America’s beautiful and patriotic songs.

Greatest Flyover Tribute to the Veterans | Northlandz

Greatest Flyover Tribute to the Veterans
(Matt Susko _ displaying the World War I and II collectibles)
(Ed Nagle_The pilot that was going to do the flyover)

The flyover did not take place due to rain and wind, but we thank Ed Nagle, the pilot and owner of the famous World War II plane, Jersey Jerks. He waited to flythe plane for hours, checking the weather constantly. We will be res-chedulig the flyover in the Summer during 4th of July weekend.

Veterans Day Tribute at Northlandz

The visitors had the opportunity to experience the amazing tour of Northlandz huge 50,000 sq. ft display, with 8 miles of Atlas track, with up to 35 ft canyons and mountains. . All the veterans and their families were offered discounted tickets up to 40 % off as a sign of respect.

Display Museum
Veterans Uniform

we had the pleasure of eating delicious cookies made by the StarThrower Group which went well with hot coffee and beverages we offered. Many people attended the ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance.. A big flag was there to uplift the Northlandz pavilion outdoors. It was very emotional, and it was an honor to be there.

The outside parking lot at Northlandz welcomed and displayed Matt Susco’s section of a World War plane that had flown in World War II.

The veterans were encouraged to bring their military vehicles along when coming to the event. We also welcomed army jeeps, and trucks to the event , parked in Northlandz large parking lot.

Veterans Day History.

Veterans day is officially observed each year on November 11thto present tributes and appreciation for the services and sacrifices people and their families have made for our country. This event honors everyone who has been a part of the US military, whether alive or dead. Whatever the case, Veterans day is an important holiday as it is a day to remember, celebrate and thank.

Formerly, Veterans day was recognized as Armistice Day in the USA. It started from signing up the deal that ended WWI on November 11, 1918. The first Armistice Day was celebrated the year later. In 1938, by the act of Congress, this day was transformed into an official holiday in the United States. Years later in 1954, Armistice Day was renamed Veterans Day. At the outset, this day paid tribute to those who died during their service to the country. When the day was renamed, it became a symbol of honor for everyone, including the men and women who have served and been serving in the US military.

Veterans Day vs. Memorial Day.

Many people confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day. Although both are correlated, still there reside some differences. Both of the days reflect a predictable remembering and tributing of innumerable veterans who have served and sacrificed themselves for their countries. Stating the difference, Memorial Day is actually the remembrance of those veterans who got the honor of martyrdom for their country. They died while serving their duties, especially in the wars, or as a consequence of injuries suffered in the wars.

In contrast, Veterans Day not only honors the ones who died for their country but also the ones who served honorably in the military throughout their life, whether in war or truce. so, Veterans Day is aimed to show gratitude to the living veterans for the admirable performance of their services. This day recognizes their contributions to the state’s defense and dignity and highlights the fact that not only the ones who died played their duty but also the ones who lived, and also performed their roles remarkably as well.

The spirit of Veterans Day was fully observed at Northlandz.. Like every year, the Largest Model Rail Road museum succeeded this year as well in organizing an exceptional event for Veterans. thanks to Julie Parker, our Events/Marketing Manager, and to the whole staff at Northlandz!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1.Is Veterans Day celebrated in other states as well?

Ans.Yes, Veterans Day is celebrated in all the United States, as well as in many countries including Great Britain, Canada, Australia and France. The spirit remains the same while the names of the day differ. In Canada and Australia, the day is recognized as Remembrance Day and celebrated on the 11th of November. In Great Britain, Remembrance Day is observed on Sunday adjacent to November 11 to honor the veterans of the World War.

Q2.What is the importance of 11 AM on Veterans Day?

Ans.On Veterans Day, 11 AM signifies the importance of ending World War I (11 November 1918; 11 AM). Every year, a two-minute silence may be held at 11 AM as an honorary gesture towards the military personals, their services, roles and sacrifices for the country. The day marks the involvement of parades, flag rising and church rituals.

Q3.What does the red poppy signify on Veterans Day?

Ans.The red poppy is extensively seen on Veterans Day in the United States as they symbolize the sacrifices worn by the veterans of the USA in World War I. The red color of the flower indicates the bloodshed during World War I. On this very day, people wear these flowers to pay tribute to the ones who wore the uniform and stayed by its side for the sake of their country’s dignity and safety. Another reason for their importance is that on the landscapes of World War I, the red poppies were the usual sight, particularly on the western front.

Q4.What were the opening and closing timings for the Veterans Day Event?

Ans.The Veterans Day at Northlandz started at 11 AM and ran till 4 PM. The day started with paying a two-minute silence tribute to the veterans The military displays were open all day for the veterans, their families and the general public.

Q5.Was there any discount for the Veterans on the tickets?