Choo Choo Jelly Beans

Choo Choo Jelly Beans ( 5 oz)

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Choo Choo Jelly Beans ( 5 oz)

  • Full of flavor and ready to eat. Bright colors and great flavor. Buy a bag today 
  • Choo Choo Jelly Beans are a chewy and fresh treat packed with all of your favorite jelly bean flavors from vanilla and strawberry to orange and blueberry
  • Don’t just settle for one flavor – try them all and indulge in new flavor combinations
  • Delicious, fun, and 99% fat-free. Great for the office, parties, or for super fans of Allen's confectionery
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Each box of Choo Choo Jelly Beans contains an assortment of classic Jelly Belly flavors and some not-so-tasty lookalikes. Are you eating Stinky Socks or Tutti-Frutti? , Berry Blue or Toothpaste, Barf or Peach? Ten gross flavors in total along with their matching regular flavors make every bite an adventure. kind of like Russian Roulette with jelly beans. Great for parties and even better for putting into your candy jar to catch all those people who sneak your candy when you're not looking.

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