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  Open: Saturday-Sunday & Holidays 

10 Am to 6 Pm  +1 908-782-4022

Open: Saturday-Sunday & Holidays 

10 Am to 6 Pm  +1 908-782-4022  

Northlandz would like to thank you for your consideration to donate your valuable collections/items. Northlandz staff members will work with you in determining which items and materials are appropriate to donate.

Preferred donations to Northlandz are:



  • Trains – miniature or full size trains
  • train collections,
  • tracks
  • scenery,
  • model buildings,
  • layouts
  • anything related to trains


  • Model airplaines,
  • passenger planes,
  • jets,
  • 2-4 passenger planes
  • Lego model planes

AUTOMOBILES (miniatures)

  • Miniature Classic cars
  • Modern cars
  • Racing cars


  • Replica dolls of famous people

Once we accept your donation, we will preserve it, and place it in a beautiful display area in the museum with a plaque with your name.

Consignment option:

If you own a valuable item that you would like to sell, Northlandz has an option to put your items on Consignment.

Fast way to contact us is to email pictures of your collections to Or call Julie Parker +1 (908) 310-8098. We are available 7 days a week.