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Open: Fri-Sat-Sun 10 Am to 6 Pm

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Open: Fri-Sat-Sun 10Am to 6 Pm

+1 908-782-4022  


Haunted Night Train

Northlandz is going to book your weekend's at the miniature wonderland. This year prepare yourself to celebrate a classic Halloween with a blood-curdling thrill. Everyday of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of October honors us to make a memorable Halloween. You will experience goosebumps by just reading the highlights for the event.

Super Haunted Train Ride

Northlandz Wonderland brings a Haunted theme at 10am to 6pm every weekend of October. As Halloween is near so we plan to surprise our little fans. Our steam train is specially designed in a Bizarre costume to celebrate Halloween with kids. You will be welcomed by a human skeleton who awake after several centuries. Instead of the flowers, scoopy pumpkins will send horror greetings to the passengers.

The ghost will possess the entire train. It will be a horrific scene as the whole wonderland will be under demonic possession. The evil spirits will threaten the visitors to get out of the train. Sitting inside the creepy train, kids will rejoice in their visit with spine-chilling adventure. The gloomy night-view will uplift the fun.

Halloween Gallery

Halloween Gallery
The Haunted Tunnel
The Cursed Witch
Halloween Gallery
Halloween Gallery
insane scientist
vampire shadow
Halloween Gallery

Scary Panoramic View

The Miniature Wonderland is going to arrange the whole track and landscape with a Halloween theme. You will find blood-curdling scenes all over the rail track. The evil spirit will be there at the entire woody land. The gigantic greenery will be enriched with a satanic spell. A horrible glance will arise with a spider's silk web. This frightening view will replenish the visit as a dreadful memory for kids. The Graveyard on the landscape will look like a colony of ghosts and spirits. The scary panoramic view will be the reason to enjoy Halloween with us.

Horrific Singing Concert

There will be a devilish singing concert only at the miniature museum. Kids can imagine a ghost party on Halloween day. There will be ghost-style festive only at Northlandz. Visitors will enjoy the unique hence scary music. The festive is not only confined to this but, you will find out a witch enjoying the concert with you. A live concert with the presence of a cursed witch will be all fun for little fellows.

The Halloween Junction:

The Junction may be working as a shelter for satanic shadows only for Halloween events. The abandoned junction will give the flashbacks of every single horror film you watch in life. The spirits will be there to haunt you on the night of Halloween.

The Halloween Ghost-Haunting Mission:

You have to come to Northlandz with a brave heart for escaping through scary creatures. Throughout the train ride, you will watch zombies, witches, and demons searching to haunt you. The cursed witches will chase you till the last breath. You may watch these scenes in horror movies, but the miniature museum is bringing it to your life. The spine-chilling entertainment is more than this. A huge group of evil spirits and creatures from other dimensions will be there waiting for you. Halloween is an event that needs to celebrate under the entire horrific theme. Northlandz is aware of it so you will have a memorable visit.