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Music & Car Show

                                                    NORTHLANDZ IS HOSTING A CAR & MUSIC SHOW ON THE FOLLOWING DATES, 7TH AUGUST, & 18TH SEPTEMBER!

Download Northlandz Car & Music  Show REGISTRATION FORM 

Please join us at the Northlandz Classic car & Music Concert events, located in Flemington, New Jersey. The rain date is July 11, August 8 & September 19. 

Visitors will be able to view over 75 classic cars, relax and listen to great music by the Summer Swing Orchestra, Kevin Grey and 78 West Sinatra Tribute, and a  Bass Boards.

Take a fun outdoor train ride, and enjoy the food from the food trucks which will be available on site. Bring the whole family and enjoy a great time!

  • The car show is free.
  • Live music is included in Northlandz Ticket.

Northlandz will also be offering their inside tour of Over 100 bridges and 400 tunnels.  And of course, lots of trains! Over 60 trains run at the same time.  Northlandz was created over 25 years ago by Bruce Williams, a genius and creator of the world’s largest miniature wonderland. The inside tour is about a mile long, 3 levels, and has incredible landscapes with canyons, mountains, rivers, valleys with waterways, 100 bridges and 400 tunnels, and of course, trains!  See the famous airport scene and the Christmas Village too, as well as the famous doll museum!  They follow COVID-19; Rules, masks must be worn and social distancing practiced.