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  Open: Saturday-Sunday & Holidays 

10 Am to 6 Pm  +1 908-782-4022

Open: Saturday-Sunday & Holidays 

10 Am to 6 Pm  +1 908-782-4022  

Scouts Campers Welcome


Northlandz is the best place on the east coast for Boy and Girl Scouts to explore our amazing world of miniatures.

Holding the title for “World's Largest Miniature Wonderland” (Guinness World Records), Northlandz is a wonderful place to visit for all ages, especially Boy and Girls Scouts.

When visiting Northlandz, Scouts can do the following things:

1- Tour of Northlandz exhibit

2-3 hour self-guided or guided tour takes guests through an unbelievable tour of one man's lifetime artwork at its best. You will see trains, tunnels, bridges, mountains, cities, villages, cars, trucks, airplanes, ships, boats, rivers, towns, farms, rainforests, etc.

2- Full size outdoor train ride

Kids of all ages have long been fascinated with trains and railroads. Despite many new ways of transportation having emerged, train travel continues to captivate the interests of kids. It is usually among the first toys that parents bring to them. Kids growing up Watched many train cartoons on TV and collected model trains. Having toy versions of characters from these cartoon series makes kids fall in love with them. They are curious about watching trains and want to know what it feels like to ride a train and learn how they work.

When they see a real train and they have an opportunity to experience what it feels like when riding one, it becomes a memorable adventure for them. Nothing attracts kids more than riding the trains pulled by old fashioned locomotives.

At Northlandz, we believe kids should experience more than just watching model trains. It provides a unique and exciting experience of train travel to kids, we also have an outdoor train ride. You can start the tour of the Northlandz by riding the outside train or after you finish the tour indoors. The train runs on a real track and is pulled by a replica of a steam engine. The 15-minute train ride take you through a tunnel, along a river, and over a bridge

 3- Scavenger Hunt

Scouts will stay engaged with our scavenger hunt. Scouts will even get a prize for completing it. 

4-Sleep in a Museum

Ever wonder how it feels to sleep at the world's largest model train museum? You don't need to wonder anymore. Scouts can spend a memorable night at Northlandz.

Bring your sleeping bags and be our guests.