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6 Best Summer Experiences in New Jersey

6 Best Summer Experiences in New Jersey

While summer approaching soon, you may already be planning for days out with family. There are many good places in New Jersey including beaches and broad walks and much more. However, following summer experiences in New Jersey can make the most of your summer vacations

1. See Lighthouses.
Along with many other lighthouses in New Jersey, the Sandy Hook is the oldest working lighthouse in the United States that was built in 1764. The place is well maintained and you can take a tour of this place to learn about the significance of lighthouses. It is an amazing place to take photos, see the skyline of the New York City off the distance, take a guided tour etc.

2. Beaches and Board Walks.
New Jersey is home of the few best beaches and boardwalks, from quiet and peaceful to family fun, you can find every type here. The 130 miles of coastline has world famous boardwalks, pedestrian walkways along with restaurants, shops, bars, and amusement parks. A day in summer at any of the beaches and boardwalks like Point Pleasant Beach, Ocean City, Long Beach, Seaside Heights, and Wild Wood etc. will be great fun for the whole family.

3. Thrilling Hot Air Balloon Rides.
Have you ever thought about the idea of cruising above the pastoral landscapes of New Jersey on a hot air balloon? You can now enjoy such thrilling rides as well. It can be a unique way to celebrate a Birthday, Anniversary, Proposal etc. It will be especially great during sunrise and before sunset. This ride is a great way to have little private romantic time with your partner or just enjoy with the whole family.

4. Go for Fishing.
You may not be aware of the more than 400 lakes, ponds and water reservoirs that can be a great fishing spot. Take your pick and have a fishing trip to any of these nice places. But don’t forget to get the permission and licensing fee that can is applicable on fishes. There are certain rules related to the size and number of fish that you can catch.

5. Bike Riding.
Nothing can be healthier than a bike ride during the summer. There is no shortage of places where you can go for bike riding around the New Jersey area including mountains or beaches. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the sun especially during the morning and the evening.

6. Visit Amusement Parks
New Jersey is a paradise for thrill seekers as it is home of more than dozens of amusement and water parks. You can go for roller coaster rides at Jacksons, or opt for destinations like Morey piers and beachfront water parks; there is fun limited fun on offer at each of these places.
In addition to that, there are other types of great amusement parks and museum in New Jersey like Northlandz is the world`s largest miniature railroad wonderland that is also a great place to visit. If you have kids or any train lovers then this will be a memorable visit for them. You will be amazed to see so many miles long miniature train tracks with small trains running passing through different beautiful miniature cities. There is also an outdoor train ride, art gallery, and dolls house all that is worth visiting.

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