Northlandz – The World’s Largest Model Railroad Track

Northlandz – The World’s Largest Model Railroad Track

World’s largest model rail road boasting from more than eight miles of track, 3000 tiny buildings, 40-ft bridges and 250,000 trees. Inside the world’s largest model railroad museum, there is the brainchild of Bruce William Zaccagnino and his wife jean. He started this project 44 years ago and made the unbelievable rail road. The giant rail road is started 20 years back, contains 100 trains, 400 bridges and trestles. The owner, builder of Northlandz has 20 years old technology and the latest technology both in control room. This room is completely automated or handled by one person.

The incredible layout of train travels 8 miles long and complete his journey with several miniature buildings including villages and cities. Before reaching to destination the train pass through uncannily lifelike scenery.

Mr. Bruce Zaccagnino bought a land for the largest rail road track in Flemington. He wanted to show his work to the world. He is the only one who operates the great Northlandz American Railway. The rail track consist of 52,000sq-ft area in Flemington, New Jersey. In Northlandz, our first stop is Delbert’s Cove, one of the Great American Railway’s larger yards. This provide an excellent opportunity to preview what’s to come. For example, the amazing look at the gorge on the left will be from a scale height of over twenty-two hundred feet. In Delbert’s Cove, Bruce Williams has used some illusion for scenic enhancement. The engineering of these was sometimes just as difficult as creating the site. As we all know that the seventy-five percent of U.S population, people like to ride on commuter trains. They travel over 168.900 miles of track coast to coast. And America is famous for rail system, it is the world’s largest system. The next stop of Northlandz is Scranton. We’ve all heard about that a much smaller city in Pennsylvania with the same name.

Mr. Bruce have 135 locomotives train that he pull from a vast control room. These locomotives train create in Philadelphia-based Baldwin Locomotive Works. It was the largest and most successful builder of large steam-powered locomotives in the nation. Its heyday rolled out nearly seven hundred units a year. Almost forty percent of the U.S. market. The famous names of locomotive works are from renowned Pennsylvania line, which are etched on the dusty pages of history.

There was a new technology that painted in new colors hauls. The long freight trains moves through the valleys and tunnels. It is indeed a different era. The eighteen-bay roundhouse at Kevin Korners is the system’s largest roundhouse for rails. These structures are almost as old as railroading itself. A roundhouse of train catch eye of every visitor. This roundhouse modelled nicely in Northlandz. They venture over landscapes with radiant colors and have many mind boggling scenes like the old lady who hadn’t sell out his place to the mining company and lives now on a narrow column of land. Miners have excavated around completely and built lady an access bridge, which only goes to show that one had best never ever argue with anyone lady ever.

Bridges are remarkable structures. Perhaps no other achievement honors the ingenuity of man more than this fascinating creations. There was also a bridge near Edinburgh, Scotland, which was the inspiration for our huge double cantilever span across Loch Robert Bruce. So we named for the legendary patriot who inspired the Scottish nation to seek its independence in 1314. The Loch from this view displays the grand scale of the trestles to the best advantage. In keeping with the spirit of Northlandz, this stop on our tour is dedicated to the creative efforts of man as he seeks to build a world that will encourage those who learn to explore beyond the next horizon. As with most all of his bridges in the system, Bruce Williams scratch-built this example from balsa wood.

Our friends when talk about Northlandz. Atlas Canyon is the view that most will tell you about first. It’s a favorite of all. What you are seeing here represents several thousand hours of artistic expression that has been painstakingly carried out. But one thought in mind was to share is that the joy of making something beautiful. As one of the highest peaks across the valley is the Monastery of the Quiet Brothers that is very mind-blowing. Almost everyone is familiar with the works of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. Atlas Canyon is named for the Atlas Model Railroad Company of Hillside, New Jersey, which supplied track and other components to Northlandz.

One thing that I forgot to tell you that how it look like if Arizona got next to Switzerland. One must be mindful that both time and distance are measured very differently at Northlandz. But it is done here very nicely. Switzerland is famous for precision timepieces, a splendid railway system, incredible chocolate, and its storybook landscapes. There is lot of things to tell you but for the scenic portrait you have to discover yourself. This valley was specifically designed by Bruce Williams to provide a stunning contrast and tease to eye. I hope that you enjoy Northlandz mind-boggling scenes as much as I enjoyed to tell you. So don’t forget to visit Northlandz this vacation.

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  • John Bukenas Reply

    you think you could provide a map of the entire HO scale layout in every room?

    February 15, 2019 at 2:42 pm
  • Mr.Ron Reply

    I visited NorthlandZ several years ago and it was mind boggling.

    February 15, 2019 at 9:51 pm

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