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The World’s Largest Model Railroad Track

The World’s Largest Model Railroad Track

There are many wonders in the world but none more amazing than the man. With unimaginable capabilities of making amazing things, human`s creativity is unmatchable. The similar creativity was shown by Mr. William Zaccagnino and his Wife Jain when they started working on miniature wonderland. The world`s largest Guinness book of the world record holder railroad museum was started around 44 years ago. The few miniature model trains lead this amazing couple to make 3000 tiny buildings, 400 bridges, 250,000 trees that showcase different sceneries alongside the 8-mile miniature railroad track.  Not only you see the miniature models here but around 100+ trains run through the track making it look more near to reality.  Once Mr. Bruce Zaccgnino had enough models to showcase, he bought the land to continue his work at a larger scale and let people visit the place. Today, the whole area of this wonderland covers around 52,000 sq-feet.

As you start your walkthrough around the Northlandz, you will first see miniature Delbert`s Cove that was the Great American Railway`s larger years. Mr. Brue has used some illusion for scenic enhancement here. By having a look at these models you will realize that it was not easy to create such miniatures of such complex structures.  The next enclosure displays the miniature model of few areas from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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As you keep walking along with the displays, you will continue to amaze by how much well detailed all of these miniature models are. The main focus of the whole wonderland is a railroad track that goes along in every part of all displays. There are around 135 miniature locomotive trains that are all operated from the control room. Mr. Bruce has installed the latest technology to control all of these miniature trains that are travels along different areas making it even more attractive.  You will notice that all of these train models exactly look like the trains that you were used to seeing in your childhood.

In addition to that, the trains that travel along the miniature wonderland track also include freight trains that add to your experience to see how Great American railways worked.  Mr. Bruce has made miniature models of all the important historical building for example 18 bat roundhouse at Kevin Korners has been one of the largest roundhouse junction for rails. All the roundhouse model junctions are made with great care that it immediately catches your eyes due to its well-detailed structure.

They venture over landscapes with radiant colors and have many mind-boggling views like the old lady who hadn’t sold out her place to the mining company and decided to continue living at the same place on the narrow column of land. Miners have excavated around completely and built lady an access bridge has also been part of these displays.

Railways bridges have always been considered as remarkable structures due to their uniqueness. Passing through these bridges or even look at them is fascinating to experience. There are thousands of bridges along the railroad track of the American Railways. The good thing is that Mr. Bruce has also made these bridges part of his miniature world. You will be amazed to see more than 400+ rail bridges that are made to look like same as the real. By looking at them you will realize how much difficult it might have been for the creator to show case every minor details into these models.


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  • John Bukenas Reply

    you think you could provide a map of the entire HO scale layout in every room?

    February 15, 2019 at 2:42 pm
  • Mr.Ron Reply

    I visited NorthlandZ several years ago and it was mind boggling.

    February 15, 2019 at 9:51 pm

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