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Top 15 Indoor Activities for Kids in New Jersey

Top 15 Indoor Activities for Kids in New Jersey

Although summer is approaching soon and you may be more interested in taking your kids outdoors. There might be some days when you may not want to go any such place due to weather or any other reasons. Whatever your plan may be, there is no shortage of the places where kids can have fun indoors in a climate controlled environment.

1. Rock Climbing:

Take your kids to rock climbing gym in New Jersey. You may be aware of the wall climbing but rock climbing can be even more fun for the young kids. You can find the list of rock climbing gyms in each county here.

2. Go to Indoor Swimming Pools and Water Parks:

Indoor water parks can also be great for kids in both summer and cold seasons. These swimming pools have temperature maintained so kids can enjoy them without any problems. You can find the list of water parks and swimming pools in New Jersey here.

3. Go for Bowling:

Bowling is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. Kids also love bowling game. So why not make your next indoor trip to bowling playland area. Here is the list of places where you can go for a bowling game in New Jersey.

4. Spend a day at Aquarium:

You kids will definitely be fascinated by watching so many marine and aquatic animals. Fortunately, there are plenty of places in New Jersey, where your kids can have a lot of fun while learning about marine life. You can take them to spend a day at Adventure Aquarium or Jenkinson`s Aquarium.

5. Go to Northlandz:

One of the best places to hang out with kids and family, Northlands is the world`s largest model railroad miniature wonderland in Flemington, New Jersey.  This is a big place of the miniature world, where you will see thousands of miniature buildings, rivers, cities, cars, buses, and 8 miles long railroad with 100 + miniature trains running over it. Completely hand made this will leave you and kids amazed by the beauty of this place.

6. Go get Staten Island Ferry:

Get your kids for sight and seeing tour at Staten Island Ferry. Let them enjoy the ultimate view of New Jersey Skyline. A great place for the whole family and kids in case they just want to relax and see around.

7. Go to an indoor Amusement Park:

There are plenty of amusement parks in New Jersey, where your kids can have a lot of fun. For example, there is iPlay America and Funplex are great for indoor activities. Depending on the age of your kids, you can get involve your kids in activities they like in this place.

8. Visit Liberty science center:

If your kids love exploring new things they consider to take them to the liberty science center. They can spend their day in the largest and technologically most advanced planetarium, visiting science exhibition, and much other educational resources.

9. Visit Jersey Museum:

The museum can be a source of great learning for kids. You can combine a day of indoor learning and fun at Jersey museum or off the beaten path museum etc. your kids would love the different activities and know about the history of the USA through different displays.

10. Indoor Movie Theater:

There are plenty of indoor movie theaters in New Jersey with free shows on a few days, you can take your kids to any such place and grab an opportunity to enjoy with them. Look out for dine-in a movie theater like AMC in Hackensack or iPic Hudson light in Fort Lee.

11. Try Glow in the dark Minigolf:

Take your kids to mini golf club without worry of the weather as it is an indoor activity where they can enjoy their time in a multidimensional challenge that will test the skills with glowing in light golf area having different themes.  Better to dress in white while visiting this venue for the full effect or if not interested in glowing fun then there are many other mini golf clubs in new jersey as well.

12. Jumping Castle and Indoor Play Areas:

Do you very active kids? Then take them to an indoor playing area where they can climb, jump and run.  There are many jumping castles and indoor playing areas like “imagine that museum” or many others where you can take your kids to have complete fun and enjoyment.

13. Art and Drawing Classes:

Kids love paintings and you must not let them show their artistic side. Take your kids to a place where they can learn drawing by signing up for an art program. Look out for color me mine pottery studio where your kids will enjoy their stay.

14. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.

We are sure your kids love animals; why not give them the opportunity to see impressive horse stunts? Medieval times in New Jersey offers horse-related medieval style games, sword fighting, and jousting etc. Most of these shows start during the evening and on weekends day times, Kids may also have an opportunity to learn to ride on the horse

15. Visit the Sterling Hill Mine Museum.

Sterling Hill Mine Museum is another amazing place where your kids would love to visit. It is a former iron and zinc mine that is now turned into the museum. Kids would be amazed to see rocks lighting up under UV lights that looks like a rainbow. The place also has many mining equipments on display that will educate kids about the mining process.


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