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Model train lover's heaven!

If you love model trains or have a child that loves model trains this is the place for you. It was unbelievable how intricate the scenes are! The place is huge and it was truly a unique experience!



Was OK!

Went there with my 2 children and father and felt very uncomfortable. Masks were not being enforced and the place was very crowded with no social distancing being monitored at all. Central room became a play room full of individuals with no masks on running around with no supervision. I explained this to management who seemed more concerned about bringing people in then safety. Everyone needs to make their own decisions about their safety level but I felt incredible uncomfortable there. In non-Covid times I have always enjoyed my visits there but not today.



Place for all ages!

This was a great visit for all ages. We had parents, grandparents, and children 3 to 9 years and they all loved it.



Overall GOOD!

First time we came was sad, dust, cobwebs, derelict scenes, holes in scenes, broken buildings and trains. Just went march 1 2020 and it's much improved. Still has dust but has people going around keeping trains running, cobwebs are about gone. Still has holes in scenery floors, maybe people fixing trains go thru scenery floors? Its brighter and staff is friendlier. Has events at night like buffets and bands. Has play area for kids too!




It has been about a year since my last owners had just taken over...and you can see they have made improvements...but there is still a long way to go...the place is outdated, and they upped the price.....make the improvements first then up the price....



Mini-Magic in Flemington!

Northlandz is one of the most remarkable places that I’ve ever been to. The work and attention to detail is unbelievable. It’s a journey into a huge, stunning land.




This is one of our favorite places to visit every summer. It's absolutely fantastic!



A must place to visit!

Ever since I can remember my Dad had trains up at Christmas and our basement was stacked with boxes of trains, parts and cars. To visit this place takes me back and reminds me of how much fun we had with those trains. I know Dad had always wanted to have a set-up like Northlandz. A must place to visit with the kids as well as a time to spend in nostalgia.



This is a must visit!

And you thought you were a pack rat? This place shows you no matter how much stuff you collected over the years it is a spit in the bucket compared what has been collected and put on display at Nothlandz. If you saw a video or photo of this place it doesn't do it justice. The amazing journey it took from Bruce's basement, then expanding it 5x, and then to this location along with an exterior train you can actually ride if you love model railroads and miniatures this is a must visit.



One of the best!

This place is very unique. Lots of miniature trains and cities, amazing detail! Fun for a young family.