Himalayan Glow 1332 Pillar Basket Salt Lamp (5-7lbs)


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  • Pillar Basket Salt Lamp: Himalayan Glow Pillar Basket Salt Lamp is unique in style and properties. A basket is made with Metal frame and filled with 100% pure Himalayan Salt Chunks. The dimension of the Picket fence basket is 5.3 x 5.3 and height is 7.9 inches.
  • Best in Quality: Himalayan Salt Lamps by WBM are one of the best salt lamps in the world in terms of quality and nature. Himalayan salt crystals absorb heat that aid to release negative ions in the air in order to remove odors and dust particles from surrounding atmosphere.
  • Perfect Home Décor: Natural beauty of pink salt crystals adds a beautiful glow and décor to your surroundings. When heated, salt chunks create an amber glow that is so calm and help in peaceful sleep. Wbm Basket salt lamp is a perfect gift for anyone.

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Himalayan Glow natural salt basket lamp is a new style and fashion lamp with natural Himalayan Pink Salt and metal crafted basket. Himalayan Pink Salt is mined deeply from the Himalayan Mountains, and hand carved into smaller salt rock pieces. It formed when the life began in the same prehistoric ocean. The translucent crystal represents its multiple minerals. When the lamp is lit, the amber hue is like a coal fire, like a light in the sunset, like candlelight, speaks something very ancient yet very comfortable and familiar to us. People can get the peace in mind when they are with this salt lamp. So it can be found in the bedrooms, yoga rooms, meditation rooms, or somewhere you would like to boost the ambiance. The pillar-shaped basket is made of iron. It gives this natural salt lamp new accent from modern industry. The basket is completely finished and no rough surface or edge as it is a more upscale salt lamp

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Dimensions 5.3 × 5.3 × 7.9 cm


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