Spooky Halloween Celebrations | Northlandz

Beware! Halloween returns at Northlandz with its absolute teeth-rattling spirit, this October. The World’s Largest Miniature Wonderland-Northlandz has terrific surprises for visitors to celebrate this Halloween event in all its dreaded festivity. The entire wonderland will be themed to fit the haunting vibe of this occasion. You will get to spend this Halloween Weekend at one of the best attractions in New Jersey.


Kids & Family Activities

Northlandz has a wide range of activities planned for both kids and Families this Halloween. There is an indoor miniature museum including an indoor railway model, a doll house, a pipe organ theatre, and much more. Other than that, Northlandz also has cafes, food stalls, and gift and toy shops.


We make sure that the visitors truly get to devour the Halloween horror. That’s why to buzz up the thrill; we have several Halloween-themed activities in store to make this Halloween event fun for both kids and families.

Halloween Games-Haunting Mission

Northlandz has planned a thrilling fun game for the visitors this Halloween weekend to be utterly bewitched by the Halloween spookiness. The haunting mission game is a scavenger hunt where on your way you will be greeted by a group of howling creatures, zombies, skeletons, witches, and phantoms. While you make it to the finish line to combat the mission, be ready for several jumps scares and screaming your lungs out because these creatures will not stop chasing you. It will be a parallel live experience to the horror movie scenes you watch on the screen.

Ghost Hunt

Scary Panoramic View

Every nook and corner will be taken over by devilish vibes which will present a bone-chilling sight to the spectators during the Halloween event. There will be ghosts, witches, and other spooky characters scaring you to the core to trigger the buzzing Halloween essence, during your tour of the Northlandz miniature wonderland. The whole of the wonderland will be gloomily adorned with pumpkins, lights,

spiders, bats, and much more gothic horror this Halloween weekend. Moreover, a soul-stirring graveyard with a large spider web will be set up. The ghostly spirit of the miniature wonderland will for sure linger like a haunting memory in your mind for a long while. Northlandz makes sure that while you are there to watch each other terrified of the horrors, this Halloween day is the most memorable and exciting Halloween yet, for you and your family.

Halloween Junction

Caution! You must be prepared for an absolutely body-shivering horror that will haunt you for the entire Halloween night. There will be an exclusive Halloween Junction set up at Northlandz for the Halloween Weekend. Halloween Junction will be full of phantoms and spirits that will shake you to the core. You will feel like you are a character in your favorite horror movie living that nightmarish experience.

Horrific Singing Concert

The terrific fun at the Northlandz Halloween event will not stop here. Northlandz also has an exclusive fun festive party arranged for the kids. This is a devilish music party taken over by a witch. The witch will be scaring you out and swaying along with you in this Horrific Singing Concert.

Visit a Haunted Doll Museum

Haunted Dolls and the mystery behind them are always intriguing. The Northlandz Haunted Doll House is a place full of terrors that will trigger goosebumps from the very first sight. There are numerous gothic-featured dolls that seem to be under demonic possession. The dolls are although harmless they will for sure, pass at least a chill or two down your spine. These handmade dolls with scary features, bizarre outfits, and haunting gazes are a perfect experience on the Halloween weekend. Other than this, Northlandz miniature toy museum has around 93 themed doll houses that you would also love to visit.

Doll House
Hunted House

Model Train in Scary Theme

Northlandz Guinness Book of World Records holds the Largest Miniature Railway Model covers a 2/3rd area of its miniature museum with its 8 miles long track. This model train museum will fully embody the haunting aura of this spooky Halloween weekend, which will be a jaw-dropping spectacle.

Northlandz railway model has 100 model trains constantly running on an 8 miles long HO Scale track. There are more than 400 bridges, 4000 buildings, houses, 35ft tall mountains, tunnels, rivers, and canyons. This model alone is a feast for the eyes and you can only imagine how hauntingly captivating it will be in all its Halloween-themed gloomy glory at the Halloween event. It is surely an experience that you would not want to miss out on this Halloween weekend.