Meetings Place

Meeting are the best way to achieve the organization`s plan for achieving business goals. You will need an environment where the team can establish better understanding, connect emotionally and create a sense of unity to work together with the same purpose in mind. Or you may simply want to meet a delegate to finalize a business deal. Whatever your purpose may be, it will be a great idea to organize your business meetings at a place that also offers attendees some recreational activities during and after the meeting.

Northlandz, a miniature wonderland that also has an Art Gallery and other attractions can provide participants a great way to keep themselves relaxed throughout the meeting sessions. Our state of the art event facility that fully equipped with audio/video technology can be a great venue for all types of meetings.

We provide full event management and planning, including the creation and development of the thematic concept, decoration, refreshment and full entertainment for the described type of events. Interested in arranging a meeting? Give us a call or visit personally, and we will be happy to show you everything on the location.