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Open: Fri-Sat-Sun 10Am to 6 Pm

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Northlandz – a miniature wonderland, is holding the title of the Largest Model Railroad Museum across the world. It offers so much to discover. This largest world-class charm is a hub of art, music, and history. With many entities worth exploring in the place, the one that always gets all the limelight is the Model Railroad of Northlandz. The mini trains move across the area and pass by the gorgeous handmade structures. It includes hundreds of miniature bridges, model houses and tunnels. Everything in there is hand-crafted with extreme love and passion. The railroad network is spread on 2/3 of the total area. These hold more than 100 trains running over approximately an 8-mile-long path. There are hundreds of hand-created buildings merged with beautifully carved structures.

A Glimpse Of The Past

Recalling the splendid history of Model Railroad Museum Texas, Bruce Williams Zaccagnino was the one who took the initiative of making this magnificent hand-crafted art museum. He got great admiration at first which boosted his confidence in his unique art type. The appreciation took him to make a separate space for his mini wonderland in his own house. Later on, he took the place to another level when he held a train show for a local charity. That was a huge success that gave Northlandz miniature wonderland a new outlook. Soon, it was open to the general public. They established it as one of the top recognized Model Railroad Museums around the world.

Tunnels and Bridges

An enormous network of bridges and tunnels at Model Railroad Museum New Jersey is spread on a wide area that goes by many interchanges, sometimes passing above or beneath you. The mini trains pass each other, take the smooth diversions and make it look like the real train network. When you look into the details, you get stunted over the minor details. No one can go by not admiring this wonder. The goal of the Model Railroad Museum New York is to conserve its remarkable legacy in America. This stands out to be the best thing in town as it displays the trains, buildings, houses, and structures in a different way. Every diversion and interchange in the wonderland inspires people and helps them to think out of the box!


A Wonder For Little Ones!

The miniature wonderland is especially a site of attraction for all the kids. The ones having a special interest in art, cars and trains, love to visit the place every once in a while. They get fascinated by the whole structure as it motivates them to think unique on their own and to be creative. The little admirers take a long enthralling trip inside as well as outside. They explore the mini railroad network spread across the entire space followed by the gorgeous buildings, tunnels, bridges and models. There is a doll museum as well that always succeeds to get their attention. It carries a captivating compilation of more than 200 historic dolls.


A Round Train House

What a perfect execution of the real world, right? Everything at Northlandz is created with great dedication and detail. Its perfection never lets anyone get over this place. It feels obvious to see a bridge or a tunnel whenever visiting a railroad network. For Northlandz, no one must have ever thought the place to be that extraordinary. The railroad museum has a beautiful house, which allows the mini trains to stand there. Just the way in reality, the trains stand in their resting house and make a perfect circle. Watching them gives the most authentic railroad network vibes. The trains at Northlandz do not stop moving. Some just enhance the beauty of a space by sitting there while others just continue to move around. They literally never stop! Dozens of trains keep on running on the tracks, passing the bridges and going in and coming out of the tunnels throughout the day. Well, it is rare if you see a stopped train somewhere. The rail track ideas got all the creativeness here. You can see many interchanges crossing over each other. Some tracks go through the mini hand-crafted mountains. The artificial exhibition of rivers and streams is a hub of attraction as well.


The Real Train Rail Road

Everyone that gets a chance to visit Model Railroad Museum Pennsylvania, admires its wonders to the fullest! The mini trains inside and a real 1890s stem engine train ride outside, isn’t it sounds fascinating even for an adult? The train ride outside the premises goes through the beautiful wooded scenery and passes by the southern side of the Raritan River. The train gives a 30-minutes ride and goes through a long 150 ft. tunnel. The experience is enough to fulfill one’s train traveling experience. Just like a real travel train, the Northlandz steam rail also waits for the passengers. The commuters get on the train from the rail junction to get one of the best adventurous rail trips ever. As soon as the engine starts, it starts throwing the beautiful steam, a fascinating element for antique lovers. For some time, the visitor goes to the nostalgic feeling of vintage cars moving across the gorgeous woodlands. Especially the junior ones get amazed with the thrill and joy they encounter in the Model Railroad Museum. Long story short, if you are one who just gets excited listening to the word ‘train’, the Northlandz miniature wonderland is the place for you. Each detail about the place is mesmerizing and worth appreciating. Whenever you visit the place, it gives you the same vintage vibe you crave in this exponentially revolutionizing era. If you haven’t visited the place, this is the time!