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Your Day Out Is On Us!

Everyone deserves to enjoy the best life has to offer! No one should be left out! For that, Northlandz is committed to making its facilities accessible to everyone. The goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the beauty of Northlandz, regardless of their circumstances. That’s why we offer a Free Ticket to Northlandz in the honor of disabled & impaired people so that they can equally enjoy and admire the world-famous miniature wonderland. 

It's our little way of saying thanks for being part of our community!

Our facilities are fully reachable and designed to accommodate all types of disabilities. Besides, the staff is always on hand to help, ensuring that everyone can equally have a great time.


Northlandz is a miniature wonderland nestled in the heart of Flemington, New Jersey. This attraction is truly one-of-a-kind, with thousands of meticulously-detailed miniature structures spread out across acres of land. From replicas of iconic landmarks to more whimsical creations, Northlandz has something for everyone. With a one-day ticket, you can explore this intricate landscape and witness the actual beauty of miniature art.

You could spend days exploring Northlandz and never see the same thing twice! There's so much to see & do! You'll never get bored!


Northlandz is the place for every disabled or ‘special’ person! It's a safe haven where they can come and be themselves!

‘Northlandz is for every-BODY’

We accommodate all types of disabilities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beauty and wonder of our grounds. We want everybody to feel welcome at Northlandz! Whether you're looking for a wheelchair-accessible route through our indoor wonderland or want to take a ride on the outdoor train, we want your visit to be as easy & comfy as possible. Northlandz hopes to break down the barriers and help every individual feel included in society.


A place for autistic kids to be themselves! Kids with autism often have trouble engaging with the world around them. Northlandz provides a stimulating environment that can help ease the symptoms associated with autism. There are particular inclusion halls for them so that they do not feel pressure to conform to societal norms. They can explore their interests and form relationships with others who understand them. 


Northlandz is a must-visit for anyone who loves trains and miniatures or simply wants to explore a one-of-a-kind attraction. It is an incredible place where you can explore a beautiful miniature world, just like a real one. This place is packed with amazing details and incredible discoveries around every corner! You'll be entertained for hours! Visitors can explore at their own pace and marvel at the one-man hand-crafted scenery, comprehensive model train system, and many interactive features along the way. 

  • 35 Ft Elevated Mountains

  • 250,000+ Trees

  • 100+ Miniature Trains

  • 400+ Miniature Bridges

  • 400+ Train Tunnels

  • Hundreds of Buildings, Houses & Structures!


This unique attraction is sure to bring a smile to any train lover's face! Northlandz is the home of the World's Largest Model Railroad as featured by the Guinness Book of World Records. With 8 miles of model railroad track, it's a must-see for any train enthusiast!

With over hundreds of miniature structures, there is plenty to see in Northlandz. The mini-trains zip through the intricate hand-crafted landscape, passing replicas of famous landmarks from across the globe and other creative structures. It's a fun and unique way to see some of the world's most iconic sights!

  • 8 Miles Long Model Railroad 

  • 100+ Model Trains

  • 400+ Train Tunnels

  • 400+ Miniature Bridges

  • A Train House 


Step into a world of nostalgia and discovery at Northlandz, where our impressive collection of dolls from around the globe will delight and intrigue you. With over 400+ dolls on display, our museum is a must-see for anyone who loves history, toy models, or both!

Bring out your inner child. We have a wide assortment of unique dolls for you to take a step back in time!

You can explore some rare pieces of Vintage, Massachusetts, Celebrity, Porcelain, Teddy Bear, Haunted, and Alien Vintage Flamenco Dancer Dolls!


What could be more exciting than experiencing the ultimate music hall while exploring indoors? Northlandz is an incredible place to enjoy live music. This is your chance to catch a show and enjoy some of the best acoustics in the country. Whether you’re a fan of jazz, rock, or country, there’s sure to be a genre that suits your taste. So, come on down and enjoy some great tunes during your tour. 

Feel the luxury & power of 2000 Pipe Organs in the Music Hall!


With so much to see, Northlandz is the perfect place to get your fill of art. From traditional paintings to modern sculptures, there is a whole gallery of 250+ art pieces to discover. And with a Northlandz one-day ticket for the disabled, you can spend as much time as you want to explore all the artistic essence gallery has to offer FREE OF COST!


Once you’re done with all the indoor sightseeing, get on the outdoor train for a relaxing 30 minutes ride and appreciate the wonderful day you had! Experience Northlandz in a whole new way with our 1890s steam engine train! Our scenic route will take you through towering forests, the rushing Raritan River, and beautifully wooded landscapes.

Besides, the train is wheelchair and stroller-friendly to make your journey the most comfortable than ever. Also, it is a great fascination for autistic kids as well. 


Check out our indoor gift shop to get a unique gift for your hard-to-please loved one. Or you can get a Northlandz souvenir for yourself too! 

Pick your favorite from a wide range of Northlandz Memento Mugs, Shirts, Train Toys, or Sweets & Confectionaries!


Liked the place at the first glance? How about organizing a party here for your kid’s next birthday? Northlandz offers perfect venues for making every event extraordinary. From beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces to on-site catering and entertainment, Northlandz has it all. From birthdays & weddings to corporate meetings & adult parties, you can organize any type of ceremony here with us. So join us to throw the event of a lifetime!

‘Food Catering is also available with a huge variety to choose from.’

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