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Massive Fun for All Ages!

Northlandz is the world's largest miniature wonderland, spanning over 16 acres of land. With hundreds of model trains and intricate miniature structures, Northlandz is a great place for people of all ages to explore and have fun. Seniors particularly enjoy the place because it provides them with an opportunity to revive their childhoods or offer their grandchildren a unique and memorable learning and fun experience. 


An Absolute Delight For All Ages!

Northlandz is the perfect place to take your grandparents for a day out! With our one-day ticket, seniors can enjoy all the fun of Northlandz at a discounted price. Our senior citizen’s ticket offers plenty of indoor and outdoor activities and facilities for them to enjoy. This ticket includes access to all of the exhibits and attractions, so they can explore their heart's desires.


Teacher's Day Out!

They say those who can't do, teach. But we know the hard work and passion that goes into being an educator. Making a difference in the lives of young people is no easy feat. But even the most dedicated teacher needs a break now and then! For that, we want to make your day a little easier. With our special one-day ticket for teachers, they can enjoy all Northlandz has to offer at a discounted rate. 


Thank You, Heroes!

Northlandz wants to show its appreciation for military men by offering them a one-day discounted ticket. This small gesture allows these heroes to enjoy the beauty of Northlandz from the miniature wonderland to the eight-mile model railroad museum. This small gesture will bring some joy to those who have sacrificed so much for our country. Also, it is a great way for veterans and military men to spend some time away from their busy schedules and relax with family and friends.


Fun For Grandparents & Grandchildren Alike!

At Northlandz, we strongly believe - age is just a number! Whether you're five or fifty-five, Northlandz is the perfect place for a day filled with family fun. With dozens of adult and kid-friendly attractions including model trains, a miniature world, an outdoor train, and plenty of other things to explore, it's the perfect place to create lasting memories. Even you can take a ride on the outside steam engine locomotive too! So bring the whole family and make some splendid memories today!


Tiny World, Giant Fun!

Northlandz is an incredible place where you can explore a beautiful miniature world, just like a real one. The place is full of intricate details and surprising finds around every corner that will keep you entertained for hours. Visitors can explore at their own pace and marvel at the one-man hand-crafted scenery, comprehensive model train system, and many interactive features along the way.

You get to see these all along!

  • 35 Ft Elevated Mountains

  • 250,000+ Trees

  • 100+ Miniature Trains

  • 400+ Miniature Bridges

  • 400+ Train Tunnels

  • Hundreds of Buildings, Houses & Structures!


All Board The Miniature Fun!

If you’re a train enthusiast, this place is for you! With miles of model railroad track, Northlandz is the home of the world's largest Model Railroad as featured by the Guinness Book of World Records.

With over hundreds of miniature structures, Northlandz is a must-see for anyone who loves trains, and architecture, or just wants to have a great amusing time. The mini-trains pass through the intricate hand-crafted landscape featuring replicas of famous landmarks from across the globe and other such creative structures.

  • 8 Miles Long Model Railroad 

  • 100+ Model Trains

  • 400+ Train Tunnels

  • 400+ Miniature Bridges

  • A Train House 


What could be more American than experiencing the ultimate music hall anywhere you go? Northlandz is an incredible place to enjoy live music. This is your chance to catch a show and enjoy some of the best acoustics in the country. Whether you’re a fan of jazz, rock, or country, there’s sure to be a genre that suits your taste. So, come on down and enjoy some great tunes during your indoor tour. 

Come & feel the luxury & power of 2000 Pipe organs in the music hall!


With so much to see, Northlandz is the perfect place to get your fill of art. From traditional paintings to modern sculptures, there is a whole gallery of 250+ art pieces to discover. And with a Northlandz one-day ticket for adults, you can spend as much time as you want to explore all the artistic essence gallery has to offer.


Step into a world of nostalgia and discovery at Northlandz, where our impressive collection of dolls from around the globe will delight and intrigue you. With over 400+ dolls on display, our museum is a must-see for anyone who loves history, toy models, or both!

Bring out your inner child. We have a wide assortment of unique dolls for you to take a step back in time!

  • Vintage Dolls with Dollhouses

  • Massachusetts Dolls and Dollhouses

  • Haunted Dolls and Haunted Dollhouses

  • Celebrity Dolls

  • Porcelain Dolls

  • Teddy Bear Dolls

  • Alien Dolls

  • Vintage Flamenco Dancer Dolls


Once you’re done with all the indoor sightseeing, get on the outdoor train for a relaxing 30 minutes ride and appreciate the wonderful day you had! Experience Northlandz in a whole new way with our 1890s steam engine train! Our scenic route will take you through towering forests, the rushing Raritan River, and beautifully wooded landscapes. 


Check out our indoor gift shop to get a unique gift for your hard-to-please loved one. Or you can get a Northlandz souvenir for yourself too! 

Pick your favorite from the following!

  • Northlandz Customized Mugs 

  • Customized Shirts 

  • Train Toys

  • Sweets & Confectionaries 


Liked the place at the first glance? How about organizing a party here for your next birthday?  Northlandz offers perfect venues for making every event extraordinary. From beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces to on-site catering and entertainment, Northlandz has it all. From birthdays & weddings to corporate meetings & adult parties, you can organize any type of ceremony here with us. So join us to throw the event of a lifetime!

Food Catering Is Also Available With A Huge Variety To Choose From!

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