Santa Events

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus Is Here!

What a year it has been! The last month has already arrived. Looks like yesterday we have been celebrating Christmas and now it's the season again. Northlandz invites you to celebrate the seasonal holidays here. Santa Claus is coming to Northlandz with a lot of presents and surprises! He will be there every weekend to meet you and take pictures with you. Northlandz is promising to spread a cheerful Christmas vibe around that you are not going to forget for the whole next year. The event is for all kids and elders, families and friends. The kids are going to love the company of a real Santa that they always wanted to meet in person. It will be all fun, cheers and memories around! Come, bring your kids, and let them experience the real Christmas thrill. Grab your tickets on the spot or book online now at NORTHLANDZ

Outdoor Train

Visit Northlandz to make your holidays memorable! The event is open every weekend till the first week of January. The indoor is all decorated to a holiday vibe with snow, presents, lights and Christmas trees around. The fun doesn’t restrict to just meeting and greeting Santa. You can do indoor and outdoor activities with the real Santa Claus. He will be there to accompany you through the outdoor rail ride. The moments will be cheerful for kids as they will be traveling with Santa for the very first time in their lives. The hot chocolate and fresh cookies will be served to keep you warm and cozy in the chilling winters of December. When we think of Santa, Christmas GIFTS ultimately come to our mind. Northlandz is giving you the opportunity to buy gifts from its ultimate Holiday Gift Shop. There will be signature mini trains, stuffed toys and much more to choose from. Grab your tickets now and let the adventure begin!

NORTHLANDZ, the World’s Largest Miniature Wonderland,located in Flemington, NJ for over 25 years, is an incredible journey created with a magnificent imagination created for the world to enjoy. The outdoor train ride is fun, and goes through a tunnel, over bridges, the ride spans through a 1-mile wooded forest, by the Raritan river. A beautiful scenic ride, and during our HOLIDAY TRAIN SANTA makes it so much fun! We will have hot chocolate and cookies to keep you warm too, and will have music and beautifully decorated Christmas trees, decorated trains, lights, and Holiday Glitter and lights galore!

Outdoor Train

Northlandz will also be offering their inside tour with lots of HOLIDAYS THEME SCENES, with over 80 trains running at the same time. Northlandz was created over 25 years ago by Bruce Williams, a genius and creator of the world’s largest miniature wonderland. The inside tour is about a mile long, 3 levels, and has incredible landscapes with canyons, mountains, rivers, valleys with waterways, 100 bridges, and 400 tunnels! See the famous airport scene and the Christmas Village too, as well as the famous doll museum! They follow COVID-19; rules, masks must be worn and social distancing followed. Northlandz has been renovated and enhanced these past 2 years. If you haven’t seen it, this is your opportunity! Come shop with us at our fun Holiday Gift Shop with special toys, train sets, Beanie Babies, and much more. See you all soon!