All Aboard For School Learning

Northlandz has something for Everyone

The Northlandz Education Team invites you to immerse yourself in a spectacular miniature wonderland!

Our award-winning Guinness Book of World Records attraction has over 8 miles of scale railroad track. Housed in a 52, 000-square-foot building on Route 202 in Flemington, Northlandz displays creativity and artistry in unison with technological achievements in electronic architecture, digital lighting, and automated movement.
An immersive experience, when you bring your students to Northlandz, they will find more than just some toy trains. They will engage in a far-ranging scavenger hunt that requires observing and reporting on the details they see around the exhibit. Designed for a range of age groups, we have varying levels of things to hunt for that accommodate various grade levels and can be spotted by children with differing eye lines (eye heights??)



Maintaining a steady current through 8 miles of electric track requires boosters and power conditioning. Explore the control room as you learn to solder and build your circuitry.



Explore the precise, artistically detailed vignettes. Explore simple and elaborate creative techniques to create fun, engaging dioramas and tell stories.



Be part of living history as you explore the world of train transportation, and ride on a steam train replica. 25 years in the making.



Your kids will get a crash course in transportation and train track safety through the NTSB-sponsored “Operation Lifesaver” program.


Students will be immersed in a whole other world like…


North land Tour

Northlandz miniature wonderland brings up exciting tours all around the museum for student visitors. They can enjoy the day with several fun-filled activities, such as they can;

  • Follow along with the storytelling vignettes of Grandma and her family.
  • Spot artistic detail and learn about the techniques involved in creating the dioramas.
  • Engage with a far-ranging scavenger hunt teaching students to observe and record their experience.



Northlandz Miniature Wonderland promotes visual learning through digital media; thus, a short video will highlight themes from the exhibit and reinforce the observations made by the children. These features significantly strengthen new learners, students, and scholars' memory. These informative videos will be unforgettable for students for many years of their life.


Kids Lunch

The museum’s management welcomes the beloved student from the core of their heart to enjoy supper meals in our comfortable colossal party room. Students can have fun by sharing homemade lunches with their peers or choosing catering services by Northlandz. Our catering services can refill freshness and increase satiety with exotic and aromatic dishes.


OutDoor train

After enjoying delicious luncheons and refueling with rejoicing energy, the students will have another exciting journey to explore in a miniature wonderland to get outside, weather permitting, and ride aboard an authentic steam train. This narrow-gauge railroad will bring the history of train travel from the 1980s to the present. Watch the boiler as the Engineer strokes and heats it. Then travel around the narrow gauge rail as you take in the countryside, a smattering of New Jersey wildlife and natural landscape.


Hand Out Experience

Northlandz miniature wonderland is always up-to-date with new and recent ideas for students’ learning and enjoyment. Once back inside from the magnificent train ride, there will be a hands-on demonstration of the artistry of model train building, and the students will have a chance to solder their engines. A professional Northlandz Education Team member will lead the project, and the children will have their self-train car to take home with them. This intellectual activity will boost the intelligence and IQ of students. Northlandz is setting the roots of brilliant world-class artists, engineers, and scientists for a better tomorrow.


Another Tour

Northlandz will refresh students with another tour of the miniature museum and exhibits. This time they will have better observation and immense learning from this repeated tour one more time after several activities carried out throughout their visiting day. Students will relate, retain, and replete diverse knowledge with a better interpretation of the reasons behind the construction of the miniature wonderland.


Continuing in Bruce’s footprints, NorthlandZ is always laying more tracks. Check out our latest O scale models and the new salt mines spur. Be sure you add us to the yearly schedule to keep up with all the expansions.



The vision of one man Bruce William Zaccagnino.

NorthlandZ started in Bruce’s basement, which was quickly outgrown, and finally moved to the current location in 1996. Where Bruce lived for decades in a small apartment and grew NorthlandZ into the 8 miles of detailed HO scale model train, exhibit you see today. Admitted to The Guinness Book of World Records in 1997, NorthlandZ is a miniature Wonderland of retro nostalgia, artistic detail, and technical innovation. Brimming with historical significance not just as an example of model-making creativity but as an illustration of how essential trains are in our nation. This is a time capsule of a bygone era when interactive meant something to be held, painted, and built, not just navigated on a screen. It helps us glimpse a way of life enhanced through train travel. The early trains, which brought the telegraph wires and the daily news, also came with fresh food from across the country and visitors worldwide. Arguably as significant a communication network as a mode of transportation, the train gave people a window into life outside the community. Broadening everyone’s horizons in the process.

Bruce William Zaccagnino