Term & Conditions

Effective Date: December 24, 2022. 


Northlandz 495, US-202, Flemington, NJ 08822, United States (“we”, “us”, or “our”) is providing the information to support you (“user”) in arranging your visit to our facilities.

Northlandz requests you carefully go through the terms and conditions before using the website. Using the site signifies your agreement with all the provisions. If one does not agree to any of the segments explained below, one should refrain from accessing the site. Solely the following general terms and conditions apply to the business relationship between Northlandz and the visitor. Northlandz does not acknowledge any deviating or supplementary conditions of the visitor.


We collect the desired information to make your access to the website more convenient. This data can be used later to provide you with further marketing information regarding our products, sales, promotion, and services. We can keep your personal information including your name, gender, DOB, email/postal address, fax/telephone/mobile numbers, and payment/card/bank account particulars. 

In addition, we shall use your data to oversee your account, confirm the final transactions, perform research on our user’s search preferences and demographics, and send you information as per your searches on our website or which we believe you may find helpful. All these terms are subject to your positive response to our consent email. If you do not want to be a part of it, you can unsubscribe from the advertising newsletter at any time. 


The website may provide links to other third-party websites occasionally. The databases may be passed to third-party connections to reduce the risk of fraud. Besides these, your data is safe with us as explained earlier in the privacy policy. Also, keep in mind that we are not accountable for the privacy practices of third parties.


We try our best to keep the website available continuously excluding any unusual hindrance and error. Though, the accessibility of our website can be altered due to internet issues and associated issues. For any maintenance work or launching of new services/facilities, the accessibility of the website may be halted at any time without any prior notification. We will try to limit the time duration of website suspension as much as possible.  


While contacting us by email or visiting our website, you are interacting with us electronically. You must share a valid phone number and email address with us. We will contact you by email, SMS, direct call, or whatever way we prefer to utilize it. You must agree to give importance to all sorts of communication ways. 


We will not be accountable for any postponement or failure to comply with our obligations due to the reasons ahead of our jurisdiction.


All content featured on this website, including the text, illustrations, photographs, and other information are protected under applicable intellectual property and other laws of the United States and other nations. All information and intellectual property including graphics, text, visuals, audio, sound, etc., shall remain our property. All the insides of the websites are reserved by copyrights under the laws of the United States and other nations.


In order to ensure the safety of all guests, Northlandz has implemented a new policy where only visitors with valid entry tickets can enter the exhibit. This policy is in place to prevent any unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the exhibit and to ensure that all guests have a safe experience. All tickets must be purchased in advance through the website and will be scanned upon entry. Only visitors with valid entry tickets can enter the Northlandz exhibit. A one-day ticket is valid only within the time slot printed/booked. 

We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and no refunds will be given in such cases. All are requested to refrain from consuming any substances that could impair their judgment before coming to the exhibition.


Entry-time reservations are required for all visitors. To make a reservation, you can book your slot prior to the visit by buying the online ticket. Walk-in booking is available for those who want to purchase tickets on the day of their visit. We reserve the right to refuse entry or remove any visitor who is disruptive or poses a safety hazard.


Depending on the type of event and the conditions of the order, payment is generally possible via PayPal and credit card (Visa, MasterCard). Ticket prices are inclusive of all taxes. The total price of the tickets order including all fees is due for immediate payment according to the contract.

If necessary service and shipping costs may be charged in the online order which may vary on the event. These costs will be listed in your shopping cart and there will be no further undeclared costs.


Northlandz One-Day Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. From the day of purchase, the ticket shall be valid for 60 days before it expires. This term is applicable to all one-day tickets.


Since Northlandz is offering services from recreational activities and e-tickets for events and exhibitions. If your plan is canceled due to any reason, Northlandz will refund these tickets' prices in the specific time period.


Northlandz Annual Membership purchase makes you eligible to all the benefits listed for Annual Membership , for the owner. We offer Annual Subscriptions with single ownership, which means one Annual Membership must only be used by one person who is the sole owner of the Annual Membership . An Annual Membership must be bought separately for everyone within the family including kids over 2+ years age (kids under 2 are free) to enjoy several benefits that come with each Annual Membership .
-    One Annual Membership is for single individuals.
-    One Annual Membership cannot be shared.
-    Kids (2+ years) require their own Annual Membership or otherwise ticket for access. 
Northlandz is a place for all ages and we offer the same price for Annual Membership to everyone without discrimination of age, race, ethnicity, or other. Northlandz also reserves the right to make changes to the website and offers and you may see Northlandz.com for updates.
Annual Membership brings along unique and great deals to enjoy at Northlandz at a very convenient price. However, no additional discounts may apply on top of Annual Subscription. Annual Memberships do not offer any additional military or teacher discounts as well. Northlandz offer same price for everybody.


There are no reservations for indoor museum trips or the outdoor train, with or without an Annual Membership. Reservations are only required for events in the Party Hall. Northlandz has gigantic party halls fully decorated, heated, and equipped. Events require reservations in advance.
 With the annual Membership , you will be prioritized with reservations and offered an additional benefit of a $300 discount for the event. For the indoor museum & the outdoor train you must walk in with your Annual Membership to access Northlandz based on first come, first served bases.


We encourage a thorough reading & understanding of this terms & conditions policy before purchase of the Annual Membership because changes are not allowed after purchase. Once purchased, this is a non-refundable or non-transferable entity. Northlandz does not offer cash or credit exchanges against the Annual Membership purchases.
Abiding by the Annual Membership ownership terms and conditions, you (customer) cannot transfer your membership pass to anyone else. If customer wishes to terminate their Annual Pass, customers must do according to the respective timeline listed on terms and conditions, when you want to no longer use your Pass.


Northlandz Annual Pass subscription begins from the date a customer purchases the Annual Pass and covers one year under same subscription/ purchase. From the date of purchase of the Annual Pass until one year, is covered under one Annual Pass Purchase. After one year pass is automatically renewed, unless terminated by the customer within the respective time of termination.


Once you enroll in an Annual Pass subscription for Northlandz to access unlimited benefits that come with Annual Pass, it is automatic renewed yearly. For your ease, we automate your Annual Pass renewal to offer you continuous access to unlimited benefits that come with an Annual Pass. To save you from hustle we take the responsibility to renew your Annual Pass and continue to offer you unlimited adventure.
Annual Pass renewal will happen according to a yearlong after the customer’s sign-up date. In case of termination from Annual Pass subscription to opt out from the automatic Annual Pass renewal  customer must cancel their Annual Pass in the respective time frame as listed in the ‘Termination of Annual Pass’ , which is 60 days advance notice from customer to confirm cancellation of Pass. You must also notice that cancellation of Annual Pass cannot take place within first year of signing up at in any circumstance.


With the convenient Automatic Annual Pass renewal, renewal of the pass takes place automatically unless we receive 60 days advance notice requesting termination from the customer via email. Remember the notice should be minimum 60 days in advance of the customer’s personal subscription date. By canceling, pass holders forfeit any and all benefits/perks associated with the pass, including unlimited access to attractions and discounts on the gift shop.
It is important to understand that customer cannot cancel the Annual Pass subscription within 1st year of signup, under any circumstances. After first year customer have the right to cancel the Annual Pass subscription only through an advance notice of minimum 60 days prior from the day of expiration of their respective Annual Pass.


This agreement will remain active until either party (Northlandz or Annual membership holder) terminates. Customer cannot cancel their membership anytime. This means cancellation cannot happen within the 1st year of signup in any circumstance and, after the first year of signup in Annual Membership customer can opt for termination though advance 60 days prior to expiration.
Northlandz require 60 days in advance notice from the pass holder requesting cancellation via email. However, Northlandz reserves the right to withdraw this agreement right away and without any notice if, in our sole discretion the customer has failed to comply with any term & condition or participated in situation violating Northlandz general rules.


With Northlandz Annual Membership renewal we tried to avoid the hustle that our customers might have to face if their annual subscription ends up during their time of visit. You can also buy annual pass on counter if you (customer) have terminated their existing annual pass prior to the visit.


Yes, with Northlandz Annual Membership you are offered unlimited annual visits to the museum on all operating days. Northlandz is open all year-round during Friday, Saturday, Sunday and during holidays.  We aim to offer our customer unlimited fun & joy at 16 acres long attraction, with unlimited visits during the operating days.


An outdoor train that crosses through the woods, bending on the riverbanks is a great experience also included in Northlandz Annual Membership offers you unlimited train rides whenever the train is running. We request customers to confirm operations of the outside train in prior to booking. Northlandz put safety of our customers prior to everything else. For the safety of our customers outdoor train does not run during the bad weather or in in case of mechanical concerns that can jeopardize even a percent safety of our guests.


Our guests receive a 10% discount on their purchases from the gift shop. Few exceptions might apply.


This agreement will remain active until either party (you or us) terminates it. You may annul this agreement at any point by annihilating all materials obtained from the website, and by stopping the use of the website in any way. We can withdraw this agreement right away and without any notice if, in our sole discretion, we deem that you have failed to comply with any term or condition.


The website owns the rights to alter, modify, insert or eliminate parts of these provisions anytime devoid of any prior notice. Kindly check these terms consistently. 


All facilities within the exhibition are regularly serviced and monitored under the guidelines of the expert event management team. You will nevertheless come to harm through no fault of your own. If any inconvenience is done during the exhibition report the claim before leaving the exhibition at the shop, the control room, or, during an event, with the event management team. Please report any kind of incident on the spot. A damage claim is excluded if the damage is reported following the exit of the exhibition.


Pets of any kind may not be brought to the exhibition. The fire regulations in the exhibition must be followed strictly. Especially forbidden is the kindling of fire. Smoking in any parts of the building, waiting for areas and restaurants, is not permitted with an exception of the specifically designated smoking areas. In the interest of conserving the exhibition for all guests, visitors should not touch the elements in the exhibition. The possession and carrying of weapons and dangerous objects like handguns, knives, chains, and knuckle dusters are prohibited throughout the entire exhibition. It is in your personal interest to follow the instructions of the personnel of the exhibition. The noisy operation of musical devices is prohibited. Our exhibition is monitored by video recorders for safety reasons. Mandatory to wear outerwear and shoes. Alcoholic beverages in the exhibition are prohibited.


If you have any further queries about our terms and conditions and the above-elaborated provisions, reach us at: 

Phone:      +1 908-782-4022

Email:       info@northlandz.com