Wooden Train Whistle

Pine 4-Tone Train Wooden Whistle

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Pine 4-Tone Train Wooden Whistle

This classic four-chambered train whistle is a must-have for all young engineers! Each whistle features a steam locomotive illustration on the side and is sold shrink-wrapped in plastic.

  • Durable wood whistle $4.99 Each
  • Creates unique train sound
  • Size/Packaging: 8.5” x 1.25”. Shrinkwrapped
Availability: In stock
This is a four-chambered (4-tone sound) 8 inches long quality wooden train whistle. Produces authentic old steam train whistle sound when blown into. There are imitators, but none can achieve the great sound of our original train whistle. Each whistle goes through a quality control process for a sound and finishing at our supplier's facility. Produces authentic old steam train sound - you can almost see the train. This wood train whistle is8.5” x 1.25” long. Shrink-wrapped for dust and scratch protection. Has smoothly sanded edges and surfaces and an exclusive, rounded mouthpiece.

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